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Charles and his little flying-squirrel friend


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Charles and his little flying-squirrel friend


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Ike FireEmblem Cosplay

your mom

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This planet is historyyyy!!

The Greatest Items

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The Veteran Soldier

Ohio Winning

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After 25 years,


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Don Michael

Generally Awesome

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rotaneco musicmap

your dad

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Devious Minds: Topicality

Discovering what makes us devious. Topicality (https://www.deviantart.com/topicality) :spank: !Topicality (https://www.deviantart.com/topicality) How did you first discover deviantART? :spank: I was looking at art online when I was young, and saw loish (https://www.deviantart.com/loish)'s work, it eventually led me to deviantART. I lurked for a while, then eventually joined! What was it about dA that made you want to stay? :spank: I wanted to post my artwork... however once I discovered chats, I learned about GMs (now CV's) and Daily Deviation suggesting. I had and continue to have the loving support that keeps me here, along with my ability to find and collect beautiful artwork- Tis it is all about the art! :thumb214660418: What is

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TypeBattle: About

About We think a little competition is good for the creative process and inspired by sites like Lettering Vs Calligraphy we thought it a good idea to mimic this fighting style on deviantART. Interested? Keep reading! Rules Type Two fighters are given a theme, this can be anything from a colour, to a quote. Anyone can battle and throw down with any other typography artist on deviantART. Fight The fighters pick their weapon, be it digital or traditional and then get to work! They have 1 week to forge their weapon and submit it to the group then an extra week for review and the community votes. Delight At the end of the battle the fighter w

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Introducing the new Journal Portal!

  Tweet      What's the Journal Portal? News, blogs, and journals have been merged into one, unifying these systems in order to make them simpler to use and more consistent in appearance and functionality.  In bringing them together, now categorized as deviations, they're able to receive the same great benefits as all deviations on the deviantART network.  Including the following:      Super Browse Using the Journal Portal, you'll be able to look through an endless stream of content.  Much like deviations, you may now flick through journals quickly.  View Newest to find what's hot right now in the deviantART community, or view Popular


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The new deviantART muro featuring Redraw!

    Draw with Muro Now!   Sharpen your skills and showcase your unique technique in a whole new way.       Alien Practice      by $draweverywhere       The Making of Pepper      by `Artgerm       Holdy-paws      by *tinkerpaws       Miss Brightside      by ^alicexz DeviantART's HTML5 drawing application, deviantART muro, now includes Redraw, allowing you to record your work as you draw. Every brush stroke, every layer, every little movement — all captured by Redraw. Save your work once you're finished and see your art come to life again in high definition playback. Follow along as professional artists create works o


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CEA Blog: Mature Content

Hey guys, today I want to talk about Mature Content on deviantART and hopefully clear up some misconceptions that exist around it. For those of you eager to look at some boobs and hot male torsos, I'm afraid I won't be including any here :petting:. How the mature content filter works All members over the age of 18 can choose to enable or disable the mature content filter to suit their needs. All members with a registered date of birth under the age of 18 have the mature content filter locked on and can not disable it. All logged out visitors have the mature content filter enabled and can not disable it. The mature content filter is split in

Informative Information

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Never say Never

St Pat's Day

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Christmas Postcard


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deviantMEET in Paris

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Paris Official devMEET 2012-6

deviantMEET in London 2012

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dA London Gallery Show 10

London Gallery Show 2012

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and i wonder why


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Welcome to Hell.

What is this? Samhain: Dante's Inferno is an interactive adventure here on deviantART to help us celebrate Halloween. It is sponsored by a small group of Community Volunteers and a few select community members and backed by Community Relations. The adventure will begin on October 10th and end on October 31st. In the fourteenth century, an Italian poet named Dante Alighieri composed one of the most influential collections of poetry of all time: The Divine Comedy.  In the first book, Inferno, Dante himself ventures through Hell, guided by the spirit of the Roman poet Virgil. Samhain is a Sabbat, or blessed day of festival, that some Wiccans


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Banjo Kazooie

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Holiday Card Project 2006 Wrap Up

deviantART would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in the 2006 Holiday Card Project.  With the help of nearly 700 deviants, we were able to deliver well over 1200 holiday cards to patients in the hospital during the holiday season.  Judging by the postage stamps from all the boxes and envelopes we received, deviants from 44 different countries/political regions participated in the Project, helping to make 2006 our best year yet. Cards were delivered and distributed at five hospitals: UCI Medical Center in Orange, California; Childrens Hospital Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California; Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New

Holiday Card Project

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Prague - Museum of Chocolate


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Chalk Drawing Collage

Seattle deviantMEET

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The John Langan Band I


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Breaking Bad Tribute

Breaking Bad

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Doge - Wow! So Valentine! Much Love! Such Friend!


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