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Taken at one of my favorite parks in London, Cheam Park. I really thought it would rain, being England and all, but it ended up being a beautiful day, especially for looking at trees. :aww:
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A fine quality of light and shadow captured.
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You're most welcome.
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Awh, gorgeous shot.
It's amazing how trees grow and which forms the branches can make with several trees close together.
It certainly is a beautiful park. Cool that it is you favorite park in London.
I should visit it some day. I also have been in London for the last three weeks. I returned home the 27th of October.
I love shots like these :love:
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Thank you! Did you enjoy your time in London? :D
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You're welcome :D.
:nod: I did enjoy my time in London :love:.
I've been studying English in the morning and went out and about to explore in the afternoon.
I've seen many things. I only need to start uploading my photographs.
At the language course I took there I had C1 level.
Just a link to what it means when someone has that level. It's the schools website, they have many schools all over the world.
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Ayame, you are really so lucky to live in such a beautiful place like this, nice photographing dear.
Really amazing shot.

Best of luck ! :)
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Thank you! This was taken on a trip to London, but I would love to live in a place near there! :aww:
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Trees! :dummy:

I like the square format and how there is a prominent trunk in the corner there, with the rest of the frame covered up by the foliage and leaves. It does feel like a canopy, and .. yeah, I guess you can get a sense of safety from it all too...

Probably wouldn't look as pleasant in the dark. ^^;

But still, it looks really nice here. :D
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Thanks so much! Yeah, it almost had a sense of security with all the foliage coverage...but I imagine it would be creepy at night. :lol:
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Cool .. :)... Piece and Harmony.. \m/
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Beautiful! I love areas with lots of trees.
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