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Hi! I'm Rae Abigael Caacbay. A 20-year old ballerina-slash-Interior Design Student- slash- future Architect at UST from the Philippines who's born from a Boombox! I'm a bookworm who loves to dress-up, take photos, paint, and just be creative! I have more guy friends than girls. I'm inlove with food but my body magically stays at 22-inches waistline, 24-inches hips and 98 pounds at 5'5". I believe that one day, the color pink will invade the world while I'm busy fan-girling and spazzing!

By day, I'm just a girl who loves thrift shops, boots, vests, caps, dresses, arm warmers, vintage and revamping clothes but at night, I'm a half-fairy and half-mermaid who twirls in the fashion world with my pointes on, casting spells and making potions at the Ravenclaw common room at District 12. I don't know how you'll find me but my weirdness and oddness will all be gathered in this blog while I book my flight to Paris, London, Greece, Italy, New York, Australia, Japan and Germany!

Current Residence: Philippines
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Classical,RnB

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
David Archuleta, Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, ALicia K. Avril L., Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera
Other Interests
Ballet, ART, music, writing

New Beginning.

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Hello Everyone! It's been a year since I last updated here in deviant art. Now, I've deleted old photos and works because I was an anime-loving girl back then. But now my art skills have improved and I want to show you that so yeaahhh. Hello new profile! haha. I also ventured in blogging so I hope you could visit my blog too! :) xoxo, Raellarina http://raellarina.blogspot.com/
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Good evening readers from around the globe! :) i made this one in the 3rd day of the Young Isabelan Campus Journalism Seminar-Workshop. akalain niyo yun? I won… hahaha =) Emily Dickinson in the making! hehe ;) Fairies in my dream Many dreams do i have But not everything i love. For some confuses me, while others i don't like to see. Immortals, mythological creatures, mystical catchwords to describe my dream my dream about the fairies Fairies which are beautiful yet confusing. Pixie Hollows do they live, So magical yet I can't believe. Like memories that don't die even if you sigh and sigh. Ah, such bliss! For one at peace
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Hi, I was wondering, awhile ago you asked me to send you a link for the outer senshi princesses, and I cant remember if I did or not
sorry for this super late reply. :| uhm, no.. not yet. :)
well here is the link

pretty gallery
Thaaaaank you! :))) it means so much to me really :D
you're welcome! :)
it's so cute!
i really liked it. hehe :D