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Some of my watchers know I have it. Not many truly know what life is like to live with it. I don't post this to be "oh woe is me" or anything like that. I know there are far worse things in life and I'm grateful for the good I have.

I just wanted to share this piece of me. It wasn't easy and certainly doesn't define me as a whole. The 2 main reasons I do this. First and foremost for my fellow cysters who feel alone in this. Nothing really makes this easier except when you know you don't suffer alone, and when you know people out there really do understand what you're going through.

Reason number 2 is, hopefully, to get people to think. Everyone has something going on whether it's physical or mental, obvious or not. For the most part, I've accepted this and am content being fat and happy me. The part the irks me is when others bother me for being that way.

Okay, I'm done *steps off soap box*
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Take peppermint brew, 2 to 5 per day, testosterone levels decrease, it´s been proven by science. it´s natural, affordable for many people, you just have to make it daily, and wait to see results on the hair (less, lighter, thiner)
For the hair, don´t shave it, wax it, its going to last longer. 
for the acne, use apple vinegar mixed with bicarbonate, it´s going to dry the pimples, and you should exfoliate your skin. 
For the weight issue, practice some strong sport as box, with very hard levels of demand for your body and try to eat less carbohydrates, more protein, and more know the thing with insulin so you know you can´t and must avoid eating sugar and everything that contains it. 

This is what im doing, and i have the same fucking PCOS, i´m doing laser hair removal in some parts, the rest just natural treatments. 
Greetings from Chile, i hope this help.