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For the first time in forever...
I updated something! Go look: http://ayaerhis.deviantart.com/art/Never-Bloom-Again-153421135 I'm quite proud of it. Written for a class I'm taking online, but I'm still pleased.
What has been your favorite movie for the year of 2009?
  |  8 votes
  • Star Trek XI (2009) (Awesome!)
  • Avatar (Awesomer! Saw it twice in one week!)
  • The Blind Side
  • The Princess and The Frog
  • 2012
  • Julie and Julia
  • Twilight: New Moon (If you choose this I'm gonna kick yer ass into next week)
  • Where The Wild Things Are (I loved this book as a child)
  • Something else (please comment)
The Day Before The Day
How crappy is it that I manage to get sick right at the end of the holidays? THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN TO ME!!!! I was sick at the beginning of winter break, and now I seem to have caught something else at the end of it! I could definitely be happier right about now... But, I do have my cat, and my mommy, and a warm place to sleep tonight, so I should be grateful by all stretches of the imagination. I'm just feeling kinda miserable cuz my throat is sore and I have some major vertigo issues when I stand and sit down. Welcome 2010! You mark the point where the Mayan calendar has only three years left before the end of the world! I'm eager to meet y


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h e l l o . :wave:
s o r r y . f o r . t h e . l a t e . r e p l y . b u t . i . h a d . m o r e . t h a n . 3.000 . f a v e s
t h a n k . y o u . f o r . t h e . k i n d . :+fav: . =)

i . h o p e . m y . o t h e r . p h o t o s . a r e . a l s o . i n t e r e s t I n g
w o r d s . a r e . i m p o r t a n t… w h y . n o t . m a k e . c o m m e n t s ?
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Hey! It's Martha from ART205. How's it hangin'?
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Late! Just got home from my concert, and think I'm coming down with something. Hopefully just a cold.
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Oh no! Hope you're okay. How was the concert?
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The concert went well. I'm much happier with last evening's performance than the one we gave earlier in the day. Better in tune and such.

And don't worry too much. I'll be fine. It's due time for me to catch something anyway.
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AmareviaHobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday! 8D
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pawelkolankowskiHobbyist Photographer
thanks for the :+fav:! :aww: