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Lenny sighed as he laid down in the grass, surrounded by the flowers of Heartfelt Fields. He felt so lonely at times… And no, it wasn’t because no one on the ranch would talk or play with him. It was because… He longed for something more. Something much deeper than a simple friendship or companionship.
What the little Sandile seemed to be longing for was love.
Lenny blushed a little at the thought. Now why would he of all Pokemon, fret over something like that? He already knew that he wasn’t all the brave, or strong, or even outgoing for that part. What female would be interested in him? And even if one was, it wouldn’t be for too long. The Sandile was small, unevolved, timid, and somewhat weak. Sure he knew a couple of moves to protect himself, but it wasn’t much that could really help in a battle.

Lenny sighed again. The thought of his limitations only seemed to make him more depressed. The Sandile flipped over onto his back and looked up in the sky at the clouds.
“I wonder if anyone would love me…. Mother says that I’ll find it someday. But, who’s to say that that’ll truly happen?” He thought about his mother’s words, the now evolved Houndoom who tried to explain to her son that love would soon find a way into his life. Angelica told him not to rush it though, and that it would come to the Sandile in the most unexpected way and in the most unexpected form.

Lenny rolled back over onto his stomach and got up on his feet. “She said, that when you fall in love, you’ll know it. Because you’ll feel a special feeling inside of you. Hahh…. I wonder if someone will love me back that way.” The little Dark and Ground type pondered this a bit more, but was soon interrupted by the gust of a strong wind. He looked up at the sky again, the wind blowing in his face, making it hard for him to see the figure that was flying down.

Eventually the mighty wind stopped blowing and Lenny opened up his eyes to see a majestic looking Pokemon. He wasn’t quite sure what it was, but he could tell that it must have been some form of cross between two Pokemon. But all he did know was that the creature before him was absolutely…

“….B-beautiful…” Lenny murmured out loud. He couldn’t help it, because she was absolutely beautiful looking to him. Her wings were large and mighty looking as well as patterned with a lovely, spotted design. A swirling pattern could be seen on the top part of her legs, while the rest of her leg was bird-like and clawed. Her tail as lizard-like with a giant feather at the end of it, and a swirled bit of plumage stuck out from her head. Tied to her head was some sort of stone, but Lenny couldn’t make out what kind it was. However, that was not as important to him, for his eyes then drifted over her body which was covered in many types of designs and patterns. But one thing that was apparent was that he felt somewhat... Weird, when he saw her. His stomach seemed to be filled with little Butterfree, Beautifly, and Vivillon of all kinds. His head was filled with so many thoughts of how beautiful and radiant and majestic she was.... That's all he could think about at the moment. Along with the thought of whether she would be able to feel the same way back soon....

The Sandile hadn’t realized he had been staring in awe for that long, until he heard the majestic, morph cross speak. When she did, he took note that even her voice was beautiful and pleasant to the ears.
“Um… Pardon me, but are you alright?” She asked him, tilting her head curiously. Lenny immediately snapped out of it and began to stammer incoherently,
“A-ah! I-I’m…Y-y-yo-you’re a…! U-uhm…”
“…Yes? ‘I’m a’, what?” She asked.
Lenny started to get even more nervous then suddenly felt the need to hide somewhere in embarrassment. The Sandile just wanted to hide in a hole and stay there a couple of days! He began to use his claws to dig himself that hole frantically, then hid in there for a moment. He popped his head up for a second, only to give a tiny squeak and hide right back in there once he saw the cross still staring at him.
“My, you’re quite the timid one, aren’t you?” She finally said after quietly watching for the Sandile. Her tone of voice wasn’t condescending or mean, but patient and kind. It seemed she might have dealt with these kinds of Pokemon before.

Lenny peered up from his hole a bit and said sheepishly, “I…I’m just nervous around new Pokemon. Sorry… If I overreacted a bit.”
The cross gave a little giggle and replied, “Why, that’s alright. I understand. I won’t chastise you for it, of course.”
Lenny gave a small nod in response to her and started to come out the hole little by little as he spoke. “So, uhm, wh-what kind of Pokemon are you by chance? O-oh! I’m sorry! That was rude to ask!” Lenny began to hide back in the hole after he said that, but the cross then said,
“Ah-ah-ah, don’t hide back in there. I want to be able to see you face to face while we speak, if you don’t mind. Also, it’s not a bad question to ask, not many know what I am exactly.” She smiled gently.
Lenny began to come out the hole slowly again, curiosity making him a little braver, “O-oh, okay. So, then what are you?”

“Well,” she began. “I am a cross between a Charizard and a Talonflame. I also happen to be a morph, but I’m sure you could tell by some of my different markings.” The Charizard/Talonflame flicked her tail a bit side to side, as she finally sat down onto her haunches to get comfortable. “And… My name is Take to the Sky. Just 'Sky' is fine though.”
“’Sky’…. That’s such a pretty name.” Lenny replied, his face slightly pink from saying what he thought out loud again. Sky giggled a bit at the flattering compliment and asked, “So what’s your name, little Sandile?”
“A-ah, my name is Lenny. It’s… it’s nice to meet you, Miss Sky.” He gave a little polite dip of his head in greeting.
“There’s no need to call me ‘Miss’, Lenny. Just Sky is fine, I said.”
Lenny began to get flustered. “A-ah! S-sorry! It’s a force of habit..! I call everyone who’s of a higher maturity than me, ‘Miss’ or ‘Mister’. But, if it’s okay with you, I can call you just Sky.”
Sky smiled at Lenny sweetly. “Like I said, that’s just fine. But that’s quite a polite thing to do with those who are older than you, Lenny.”
The Sandile flushed in response and looked down at his feet. “T-That’s just how I was raised…”

“Well, you were raised rather well, then.” Skye replied. “But tell me, where am I right now? I seem to be a little lost.”
“Oh! You’re here on my home ranch, Heartfelt Fields.” Lenny answered.
“’Heartfelt Fields’?” Sky looked around the area, turning her head to see the lovely green pasture and beautiful, blooming flowers.
“It sure is lovely here~” She said, a pleasant smile spreading across her face.
“Y-yeah, it is. Say… Would you want me to show you around a bit?” Lenny asked tentatively. He hoped she would say yes…
“Why, of course! I’d love to~ Lead the way, Lenny.” The Talonzard said cheerfully. She seemed to be somewhat excited to look around and that made Lenny excited himself. He couldn’t help but smile a bit at her positive response. It may have been a shy smile, but it was a happy one nonetheless.
After the tour of the ranch, Lenny and Sky sat back in the fields and talked for a bit. Lenny listened intently as Sky spoke about her life back at her own home, the Blue Diamond Ranch. She spoke of Phantom, whom she looks up to as her mother; Ashes, a fellow Talonzard who was a shiny and Sky's rival. She spoke endearingly of the baby Charmander that she watches over at home, making Lenny think that she must be a wonderful mother as well. He wondered how she would react if the two of them had a clutch, but he shook his head of that thought, growing slightly red for even thinking that far.
The Sandile then talked a bit about himself, telling him of his mother, Angelica, who was rough on the outside but a sweet motherly Houndoom on the inside. He also spoke of Travis, Arita, Ryu, Dusa, Dmitri, and all the other Pokemon currently on the Ranch. And Sky seemed to listen to all of his words just as much as he had listened to hers.

Soon enough, it started to get late and Sky had to leave to be able to get home before it got too dark. She said her farewells to Lenny, then took off to the sky. When she flew off, a stray feather from her wings fell down to the ground.
Lenny spotted the feather and picked it up, examining it and holding it close to his chest.

Perhaps, we can meet again.... And maybe, when that day comes, I can become strong and brave enough to really be with a beautiful Pokemon like her. Lenny thought. The Beautiful Sky…..

So I wanted to try out for AlphaPhantomhive's contest to find a mate for her Charizard/Talonflame Morph, Take to the Sky. I tried to think of one of my Pokemon to chose for a possible mate, and either Lenny or Dimitri came up to mind. But finally, I settled for Lenny, because I thought it would be pretty cute to do~ He's a timid little Sandile that would just be entranced by the beauty that is Sky. And he'd totally wind up acting like a bit of a dork around her as well. XD

I also wanted to try and evolve the little Sandile all the way soon, and I realized that I was literally, ONE LEVEL away from him being able to evolve from a Sandile to a Krokorok then to a Krookodile. So, why not give Lenny a chance at love AND some levels~! >w<

I hope you don't mind that I taught him a move too, Alpha!

1608 words = 6 Levels!
Lenny gained 6 Levels and Learned Dig!

Lenny belongs to :iconajforpresident:
Take to the Sky "Sky" belongs to :iconalphaphantomhive:
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