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Game of Groans
The continent of Easter-O's has been in turmoil for time immemorial. Everyone wants to be King, sit on the Rusty Throne and rule a bunch of miserable peasants covered in crap.
The seasons are mysterious and not entirely understood. They're kind of like Patagonia, where one day can be really-really nice, then all of a sudden Winter comes, and it doesn't leave. And no one's the hell knows when Summer will return with its wind, storms, and lots of heat, which is better then Winter. Many believe that many individuals want to be King because there's nothing better to do in this miserable place. Many also believe they want to be King because they don't have crap all over them unlike most other people. Unless one is of the noble class,  Easter-O's is miserable and DARK.
The continent is ruled by King John Oetachu D'Weeaboo, Son of a recent usurper who brilliant Military and Political strategy, over threw the previous dynasty. Unfortunately, he was killed when his outhouse exploded,
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 3 2
The Idiot's Journey sampler BESM Part 2
In our last episode of the Idiot's Journey, the gaming group was playing a Big Eyes, Small Mouth variant and our hero, errr, idiot challenged the rest of the group to a stand up knock down fight with his powerful mecha in the tradition of dimwitted anime characters through the ages. When we left the story.... John was trying to get a lock on Juni and unload a spread of swarmer missiles which would do a lot more than just singe her orange fur....
Juni swooped around in panic as the lid to the missles popped open. Aya gazed through the scope of her laser rifle from orbit as she crouched on her starship in her spacesuit grinning from a 160 kilometer orbit directly above the group.
"I'm aimed at the designated spot, Juni. You sure you don't want a head shot?"
And with that, a laser bolt flashed and hissed into a shoulder joint and detonated the missile magazine, blowing off the right arm of the mecha, which flew for a few feet in a graceful arc befo
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 3 25
The Idiot's Journey Sampler, Traveller
Wes groaned as the rest of the group sat at the gaming table.
"Can we try Traveller again?"
"No, Aya, we can't. John won't touch it again."
Aarie waved her finger at Wes in agitation.
"Juni, Aya, Anne-Marie, Steve and I put a LOT of work into our whole group rationale! And Aya and I even got along and liked it! Heaven forbid we agreed on something!
Juni nodded enthusiastically.
"Three Sisters Hamburger corporation was awesome! Having three Aslan sisters running their own corporation selling the concept of hamburgers in Aslan space was a GREAT idea from Aya! And having Steve as the little brother who was the ex-assassin bodyguard rocked!"
Steve sighed and smiled.
"Yeah, it looked like a lot of fun, but it took less time to roll up half a character than the session lasted."
Aya glared.
"It wasn't my fault, Steve! John made some comment about 'cute widdle kitty cats' with his human character so I severed his aorta with my dewclaw, that filthy stupid barbarian had it coming! Then, he ran o
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 2 0
Aarie's Jokebook 3
"Hey Steve!"
"hello, Aarie!"
Steve waved as he ate his cole slaw and grilled chicken at the food court.
"Two atoms walked into this food court and one told the other, 'Hey! I think I lost an electron!' The other said 'are you certain!?' The first atom said, 'n'yes, I'm positive!!!'''
"Aarie… Ion-a smack you for that groaner."
"You can stop slapping the table now. The cole slaw keeps falling off my fork."
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 2 4
Aarie's Jokebook 2
"Hey Ole, what do Mummies eat for breakfast?"
"I dunno, Miss Aarie. Can mummies even eat!?"
"I needs an' Advil..."
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 1 2
Mature content
Aarie's Delivery Service :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 2 6
Words of Wisdom From Ole and Sven Number 12
"An' I feels it...
An' I feels it!
Where yu going tu tomorrow?
Where ya going with da mask I found?
And I feels, and I feels
When da dogs begin tu smell...."
"Sven, yu could be a real rock an' roll star!"
Steve stared across the table with raised eyebrows as Sven hold his spoon like a microphone in the food court and stomped around as he sang with great feeling to the Stone Temple Pilot song blaring on the speakers. When the song finished, Sven waved to the rather amused audience and sat down.
"Ja I could haff been da Front Otter for da Stoned Tempil Pilots fir sure! I haff one qvestion. Vy is it da Dogs begin tu smell? Vy not da CATS begin tu smell?"
Steve said,
"Isn't that kind of specieist?"
At that moment, a cheery "N'yello!" cut the air as Aarie arrived at the table waving.
"*Snif-snif* Ole, Do I smell some lutfisk in those lunch buckets? Might you have some to share?"
"Hee-hee, ja, Miss Aarie, only for yu I'll share."
Ole dished up a plate for Aarie as Sven pointed at Steve and s
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 1 4
Aarie's Jokebook 1
"Hey, Aya! Why did the coffee call the police?"
"I don't know, Pickles. Why?"
"He got mugged!!!!! N'yeeheeheeheeheeheeheee!"
"I think I just got mugged...."
"There are more where that came from! Bye!"
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 2 10
Words of Wisdom from Ole and Sven Number Eleven
"I chust had an idea, Ole."
"Yu always haff ideas, Sven."
Aarie sat at the lunch table and looked over at Juni with a raised eyebrow. She had a feeling this one would be a really exceptional one.
Sven grabbed his cellphone and pointed repeatedly.
"Vat if yu had a phone number like "7"!? Yust Seven!" Dat would be COOL!"
Aarie blinked repeatedly in amazement as Juni appeared immersed in thought at the comment.
"Vell, Sven, yu wouldn't haff to use speed dial. It's easy to remember."
Aarie pointed a chopstick at Sven, her ears pinned back.
"You realize there would only be NINE people who could do that in a given area code!? How do you figure to get one of those?"
Sven stuck his thumb in his chest and replied
"...'Cos I thought of it! Yu want one tu?"
Aarie then began to think about it as Juni mew-hew-hewed out of control. She tried not to laugh but ended up with a smile. At least this idea was better than dill on sushi….
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 1 2
Words of Wisdom from Ole and Sven, Number Ten
"Hay everyone, I am Ole, he is Sven, and we're drinkin' some good Blithterin' Idiot Beer right now wit Miss Aya!"
"It's Barley Wine, Ole."
"Mmmhmm, so yu say. It tastes like beer wit a kick!"
"Yeah, Ole. That's what they call it, it wasn't my idea. Sven has something to say after that whole trick question section with Picklepuss."
"That's not what you wanted to say, Sven."
"Umm it kinda is now, but ja... Dis tricky qvestion stuff is for da birds! It pisses me off! Vat da HECK are people thinkin' ven dey ask stoopid qvestions like dose!? 'Hay Sven, Vy du Tin men haff rusty nuts!? Vy du teddie bears haff cotton balls!? Hu is buried in Grant's Tomb? VAT IS DIS CRAP!!?"
"I tink Sven, dose peoples haff been drinkin' tu much Blitherin' Idiot. Maybe dey ARE Blitherin' Idiots!"
"*CHRR*I tink yu are right, Ole! An' befores I go, I haff a VERY stoopid qvestion for all of YU out there!
Sum months haff 31 days, others haff 30 days. How many haf
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 1 4
Words of Wisdom from Ole and Sven, Number Nine
Vikki's eyebrow raised as she looked at Sven with a rather healthy dose of skepticism in her eyes.
"Soooo... you say you're a trivia expert?"
Sven nodded and stuck his thumb in his chest repeatedly.
"*chrr* Ja! Most definitley!"
Ole nodded in agreement.
"Sven watches Jeopardy. He's an expert."
Aarie wagged her finger in disapproval.
"Well, let's see how good you are!"
Aarie leaned towards Sven, squinted through her glasses with a rather serious look on her face and asked,
"What battle was Napoleon killed at!?"
Sven churred and nodded with enthusiasm.
"Oh dat's an EASY kvestion! His LAST one!"
Aarie's tail wagged as she sat down her milk and wagged her finger!
"Aya, stop laughing! You too, Ole and Juni! Don't encourage him! Everyone knows Napoleon died in exile on the island of Saint Helena!!!!!"
Ole wagged his finger at Aarie as he tried to stop laughing.
"Hey! No more trick kvestions tu Sven! Dat wasn't fair!!!!"
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 0 19
Words of Wisdom from Ole and Sven, Number Eight
Juni ran up to Ole and Sven quickly.
"Hey! Guys! I found an antique car and wanted to know if you two would take a look at it before I buy it!"
Ole nodded with a smile.
"*Chrr* Of course! Ve'll take a good look and see if it's in good shape."
Sven grinned and added.
"Ja!!! Ve know lots about old cars! Ve fixed Abe's Lincoln!"
Juni's eyes narrowed while the two otters giggled as Sven found a picture on his tablet.
"See! A 1966 Continental!"
Juni facepalmed as she looked at the picture of Ole standing smiling with a bald older gentleman in front of the massive ancient blue Continental convertible.....
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 2 2
Words of Wisdom from Ole and Sven, Number Seven
Ole, did dat sign yust say, "LAST EXIT BEFORE NEW JERSEY?"
"Ve DEFNITLY get off at dis vun! Hit da turn blinkers!"
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 1 3
1935 MG PA Airline Coupe by Aya-Wavedancer 1935 MG PA Airline Coupe :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 18 2 1931 Stutz DV-32 Convertible Victoria, LeBaron by Aya-Wavedancer 1931 Stutz DV-32 Convertible Victoria, LeBaron :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 27 6 1912 Little Giant Model D Front Quarter Pose by Aya-Wavedancer 1912 Little Giant Model D Front Quarter Pose :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 20 4

Random from Storyline characters

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Pics of indivduals involved in my stories, mainly myself, my land-dwelling self, Vikki, Juni, and Aarie!

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Moments of Wonder
I'm kinda bummed out to notice as I get older, most media doesn't seem to elicit much reaction from me anymore. Movies, TV shows, cartoons... Kinda feel I'm seeing the same stories told differently over and over. Which is ironic considering the insane technical accomplishments we're seeing nowadays with all those CGI effects...
But now and then, I still run across something that makes me go "Whoaaaaa...." so hope's not lost!
Anyway, 'twas just an introduction to share this cool animation video, based on the classic Star Wars: Tie Fighter game. Due just spent 4 years making it during his off-hours, and just for that he racks up a ton of brownie points. And it's just amazing when you realize how many talented peeps are out there.
"What we want to share with you today is a 7-minute animated short four years in the making. Paul Johnson (
:iconshoxxe:shoxxe 2 14
Bmw 328 Kamm Racing Saloon, 1939 by Grzegorz Bmw 328 Kamm Racing Saloon, 1939 :icongrzegorz:Grzegorz 13 0 Lada VFTS 2 by Csipesz Lada VFTS 2 :iconcsipesz:Csipesz 15 3 COM - A Touch of Magic by shoxxe COM - A Touch of Magic :iconshoxxe:shoxxe 20 16 Ferrari 250GT Lusso by The-Transport-Guild Ferrari 250GT Lusso :iconthe-transport-guild:The-Transport-Guild 47 8 Endless Ocean - Coloring Commission by The-Sakura-Samurai Endless Ocean - Coloring Commission :iconthe-sakura-samurai:The-Sakura-Samurai 70 16 The Commander by LemurfotArt The Commander :iconlemurfotart:LemurfotArt 590 27 Usagi by Kotikomori Usagi :iconkotikomori:Kotikomori 1,845 97 1978 GAZ 14 Seagull by Farradeks 1978 GAZ 14 Seagull :iconfarradeks:Farradeks 9 1 Swordfish by james147741 Swordfish :iconjames147741:james147741 27 6 Cars 137 by MADCALIMERO Cars 137 :iconmadcalimero:MADCALIMERO 30 6 LNER 60009 'Union of South Africa' at York by The-Transport-Guild LNER 60009 'Union of South Africa' at York :iconthe-transport-guild:The-Transport-Guild 35 0 LNER 4464 at Paignton by The-Transport-Guild LNER 4464 at Paignton :iconthe-transport-guild:The-Transport-Guild 76 11 EA Starfury by WS-Clave EA Starfury :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 122 19 Color cats - Sunflower by mirroreyesserval Color cats - Sunflower :iconmirroreyesserval:mirroreyesserval 704 45 A train journey is another world by LordLJCornellPhotos A train journey is another world :iconlordljcornellphotos:LordLJCornellPhotos 1,381 281
Various pics and stories having to do with my interests, including Drum and Bugle Corps! :)


Let me start with this comment. Most vehiclular art I see here of a more traditional nature comes from people who are developing techni...

Getting a critique is difficult on DA, so I thought I should do one for you. It's deserved, and really the daily deviation people are i...

Well-- no one seemed to want to take a stab at this pic, so I will! I find this fascinating! It's similar to some of the low-end dirt t...

by gridart

For a yank familiar with oval dirt and tarmac oval racing from 1/8 mile midgets powered by chainsaw motors at a track near the house I ...


No one's business
United States
Current Residence: Under da Sea
Print preference: Large Print because of my bifocals
Favourite genre of music: Third Stream Jazz
Favourite photographer: My Dad and Sister
Favourite style of art: Art Deco/Cubism
Operating System: Something that works and doesn't blow up
MP3 player of choice: Whazzat?
Shell of choice: A Conch Shell Trumpet!
Wallpaper of choice: A nice sea-scene on the walls.
Skin of choice: Blue!
Favourite cartoon character: El Kabong
Personal Quote: "Ahhhh, Mister Morden..."
I needed to type since Aarie can't do it with mittens on, and a coat, Mukluks... a big toque and a scarf over her face..


While Aarie runs in circles... I'll translate. It's -15 Celsius here, which is abnormal. Here, let me lift up that scarf-


"You're welcome." My gloves are ready to go... outside, it really was painful on the hands.


Already told them about the mittens.... I think I'll make a big mug of hot cocoa for Aarie. Since I said that, she's clapping and bouncing on her toes. We both want to know how our Canadian friends stand this! Sweet Baby Jesus! 

Stay warm, be safe! We'll be fine here...

"Thanks for the cocoa, Aya! *SIIIIIIIIIIP* *ahhhhh…* "

Upcoming plan... to finish the story about Aarie's shipment at the URL, and then work on another interesting spoof. Here's some music to get you in the mood:

One a bit more serious and "Heavy Metal"...

It's a convoluted story... a continent in turmoil, lots of sex and violence... King John Oetachu d'Weeaboo holds the throne of Easter O's with Lady Aarie D'Gris-Chat as the exasperated hand to the King.... Sir Steve Nord, warning everyone Winter is Coming.... the rather mysterious Lady Juni d'Tabbygan and her dark sekrits… the Master assassin Middle Finger.... hell, EVERYONE has a Dark Sekrit! Except maybe John....

(Aarie, original concept, Frederic Lapointe. I think she thought coming here would be warmer than Quebec... maybe she needs to move to Comodoro Rivadavia for the season with Dingo...)
  • Listening to: Curnow's Big band
  • Reading: WWII Naval History!
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Playing: World of tanks X-Box
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