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Hey guys,A.M.S here and I have only six favorite episodes to tell you about.The episodes and contents you're about to see are based on what I thought they have.Here we are the following episodes.

1.Jimmy Neutron episode "AAUGHH!!Wilderness"-Habitat Incrochment and Child Endangerment
2.Powerpuff Girls episode "A Very Special Blossom"-Domestic Violence and Theft
3.Ed,Edd n Eddy episode "Honor Thy Ed"-Stalking and Kidnapping
4.Total Drama Island episode "Basic Straining"-Theft and misorderly contact
5.Rugrats episode "Angelica Brakes a Leg"-Faking an Injury and Fraud
6.Catillac Cats cartoon "Young Cat With a Horn"-Theft and Mpreg

That's all the episodes I've known and some of the contents you've never seen and/or heard coming.

        Please comment.^^
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Hey guys,A.M.S here once again.I have an announcement to make.I'm writing not one but two "Gay Pride 101" books.And I'm very happy to say that if I ended up getting the two books finished up,it'll go on graphic novel mode.After that,It'll be self published and it'll make its way into local book stores all over the United States of America(if I have the money and/or a job at a local comic book store).However,here are the stories.

                                Sunset Shimmer's First Rainbow

It was Sunset Shimmer's first day at Rainbow University and she felt nervous and/or scared at first.But,with the help of Blossom,Numbah 5,Jenny "XJ9" Wakeman,Eliza Thornberry and Amethyst,Sunset Shimmer has to learn how to fit in with the crowd,and the most important thing yet is to be herself no what sexuallity she is.Will Sunset Shimmer ever get her Rainbow Wings? Find out on book 1.

                                               A Student and his Teacher

Jimmy Neutron felt nervous about what his sexuality is....but with the help of his friend Eddy,his girlfriend Blossom and his teacher Snowball,Jimmy Neutron has to figure out his sexuallity is before Holli Would,Napoleon,The Attack Dogs and the Hyenas plot a murder of a life time.Will Jimmy Neutron find his sexuallity? Find out on book 2.

I hope you like the titles so far as well as the plots.Please comment,everybody^^
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Hey guys.Before I get started however,I have some bad news.Comcast broke "The Powerpuff Girls".. but,it did spare " Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats" though.It all started when I was watching the episode "Uh Oh Dinimo" and then as I was about to watch the episode "Stuck Up Up and Away" and other episodes,it broke.It skipped a bunch of the sounds and the frame wasn't work'n right.The only one episode that works was "All Chalked Up".I hope Comcast fixes up the issue on time.If not..then I'm getting the complete series on DVD or so.Anyway,my 25th birthday is next week and I wanted you guys drawing fanart of my crossover LGBTQ couples.Here are the following couples

1.Dudball(Dudley PuppyxSnowball)
2.Winole/Molinnie(Winnie the PoohxMoley)
5.Mizz(Matin Gates' MolexGrizz)
6.Rector(Ren HöekxHector)

I want you guys to have the best of luck.And you can also include the straight couples in the picture...Sonally(SonicxSally),Abiddy(Numbah 5xEddy),Blossimmy(Jimmy NeutronxBlossom),Edbbles(EdxBubbles)and Danniper(DannyxJuniper).Other LGBTQ couples in which aren't mine also included are Hollina(HollixThumbelina),Butterixie(ButtercupxTrixie) and Wandonic(WanderxSonic).In case of pairing emergencies however,I also paired Hector up with Hectaymond was made since " Raymond's Love".I hope you're gonna do just fine.You can also draw other characters like Steven Universe,Wordsworth and Mungo if you'd like.It's all up to you.

                                Good luck and trying making fanart for my six or seven crossover LGBTQ couples okay.Please comment everybody.
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Hey guys,A.M.S here with some vital information for your everyday life(I ripped that out of "All That" by the way.....oops^^).Anyway,I have a shocking announcement to make...y'all ready for this...okay,here goes nothing...There is something that was never before seen at that many of the animated toons don't wanna talk about...and that one is this...HOLY iCARLY,HECTOR OF THE CATILLAC CATS IS TOTALLY GAY!There,I said it...Hector is so gay because he's into guys right now...look at him,he's in love with Ren Höek,he's in love with Raymond of the Boxbots and the most shocking thing there is that he's totally having a secret LGBTQ crush with Mungo...his own best friend.What the heck is going on with my brain today?

        Please comment on what you've read on this week's journal entry.
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Hey guys,A.M.S here and sadly,the crossover couples contest from last month did not have any entries from you...that's okay,I have started a brand new contest....not just any's just yet another fanart contest.But,this time it's for an up coming crossover LGBTQ or Yaoi comic called "Raymond's Love". The comic I'm working on is only about twelve pages long and the story is about Raymond(OK KO,Let's be Heroes) who tried anything he takes to win the heart of Hector(Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats).Try as he might...but his rival,Ren Höek(The Ren and Stimpy Show) was always in his way.Who'll win Hector's heart and love for all Gay guys everywhere?It is up to you guys to figure it out.And now the rules....

1.Use either your art supplies,your paint program or both
2.It had to be LGBTQ related and crossover related too
                   and finally
3.Take your not rush yourself and please give me the credit for the crossover story

     And now something I forgot to tell you before entering...the prizes.

The third place winner would receive a gift art from me.The second place winner would receive a link to see an episode,a movie and/or a ton of VHS Tape previews at YouTube.And the winner of the contest will receive a request from me,a video to see of your choice at YouTube,a crossover art tweet at Twitter and a sneak preview of the comic itself right here.

                                    That's all I can tell you.Good luck guys..the contest ends at July 17th at 6:17 PM.

            Good luck guys and please comment and enter the contest please and the lucky person is...:iconsonicmiku:.I know she'll do great in crossovers^^
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Hey guys,A.M.S here and I'm back from my six day break.Last week,I told you guys I'm gonna come back and six days later I'm true to my word and I'm back.I have recived a comment from last week's journal saying that some people like the fandom of the Club wow....I can't believe my Club Neutroners became famous now and it totally wanted new members...I'm quite pleased with the outcome and it has been an honor to do the Neutroners over the years.I created the Club Neutroners in the summer of 2006 at age,it's been almost twelve years since the Neutroners was made and I can't believe this was happening.This was the most memerable thing that has ever happened to me.

                                               Please comment and good luck with your own artworks;)
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Hey guys,A.M.S here and I have an announcement to make.Just about two or three years ago,one person said that he or she was a huge fan of my work.I thought long and hard for it and my decision is final.I'm taking a break from this website....I believe this would be the time I would like to take a six day vacation.I'll be seeing you guys at the 11th in which is next Thursday.And I promise,as soon as I come back here,I'll be up and ready for it.

                Wish me luck on my six day break from here.

                                 Please comment.
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Hey guys,A.M.S here and I'm gonna be starting another contest...and it's an X-mas themed contest featuring the characters of "The Jimmy Neutron Experience" in which is yet another fanseries I'm making after "Wild Pine High".Here are the following characters you'll be drawing

1.Jimmy Neutron(The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius)
2.Eddy(Ed,Edd n Eddy)
3.Blossom(The Powerpuff Girls)
4.Grizz(We Bare Bears)
5.Phoebie(Hey Arnold)
6.Martin Gates' Mole(Martin Gates' The Wind in the Willows Collection)
7.Ren Höek(The Ren and Stimpy Show)
8.Angelica Pickles(Rugrats)
9.Starfire(Teen Titans)
10.Stimpy(The Ren and Stimpy Show)

Well,since all of the characters are being placed on the list,here are the rules

1.It has to be "The Jimmy Neutron Experience" related
2.You have to follow the X-mas theme to the contest
3.You have to draw all 10 characters in this one picture
4.You have to give me the credit for "The Jimmy Neutron Experience" fanseries

  Good luck,guys.The contest ends at X-mas in which is in 5 days now.Good luck and please comment and/or enter the contest.And our lucky artists are


For those of you who are not on the list,you're all free to go.Please comment;)
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Hey guys,A.M.S here once again.And sadly,"Wild Pine High" has begun it's fourth and final year in which means,the students would be gratuating in May of next year.This also means that you guys have the final opritunity to do some Wild Pine High fanart for me.For now,they'll be doing a Halloween party and I need some of you guys to draw them in your style.Also song requests are open so...send me a note for your song request and I'll be able to it.:iconmagic-kristina-kw: said that I was a really good song writer and it's true.Now...for the Wild Pine High themed Halloween have to draw the characters in either your style,my style or in their original cartoon styles.Here are the following characters in this list for the picture

1.Jimmy Neutron(The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius)
2.Blossom(The Powerpuff Girls)
3.Eddy(Ed,Edd n Eddy)-remember,when drawing Eddy,you have to racebend him as an African American (sorry about the racist thing ^^; ...)
4.Grizz(We Bare Bears)
5.Numbah 5(Codename Kids Next Door)
6.Jack Spicer(Xiaolin Showdown)
7.Phoebie(Hey Arnold)
8.Spongebob Squarepants(cartoon of the same name)
9.Ren Hoek(The Ren and Stimpy Show)
10.Martin Gates' version of Mole(Martin Gates' The Wind in the Willows collection)-remember,like Eddy,Martin Gates' verision of Mole is also gonna be racebended...either Vietnamese,Japanese or Chinese...any race you like for him to be racebended with.
11.Angelica Pickles(Rugrats)
12.Roger Klottz(Doug)
13.Duncan(Total Drama Island)

You guys have to do this....please....I'll be sad if you guys didn't do it...

                             Please comment everybody and please read this journal.
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Hey guys,A.M.S here.I have some very sad news.Trisha Ann Toofh passed away this afternoon.She was not only my cousin's mother...but,she's also my aunt and my mother's sister.She died from stage 2 lung cancer and she's in heaven now with Grandma.

Please comment and I hope that someday that I would realize that life doesn't give us what we want...but it can be short and brief.
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Hey guys,A.M.S here and guess what I'm doing.I was working on a brand new series called the "Wild Pine High Mysteries".I completed the first of the three.One story failed and the other was completed.Here are the characters on each of the three stories.

Story 1: The Mystery of the Violent Nights(Completed)
Story 2: The Mystery of the Rainbow Express(Failed)
Story 3: The Mystery of the stolen Rainbow Flag(Completed)

  Main characters of all three stories
1.Jimmy Neutron(The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius)-all three stories
2.Eddy(Ed,Edd n Eddy)-all three stories
3.Moley(Disney's Wind in the Willows)-all three stories
4.Blossom(The Powerpuff Girls)-only in two stories since she's not even in the first one
5.Bart Simpson(The Simpsons)-only in one story since he's not on the other two stories

  Victims of the crimes commited in the three stories
1.Patty Mayonaise(Doug)-In the first story,Patty was a victim of theft and trespassing.Her necklace was found inside the sack carried by Hector
2.Otto Rocket(Rocket Power)-Although he's not in the first story...but,he was mentioned in various scenes and has been a victim of being hacked.He only appeared in the third story and in a brief cameo in the second story
3.Martin Gates' Mole(Martin Gates' The Wind in the Willows Collection)-Although he was seen in a brief cameo in the third story,but he was a victim of a violent train robbery and theft of eyeglasses before the train left for Chicago in the second story
4.Tico(Around the World with Willy Fog)-Just like Martin Gates' Mole however,Tico was also a victim of a violent train robbery
5.Starfire(Teen Titans)-In the second story however,Starfire was a victim of rape.But just like the other two boys,she too was a victim of a violent train robbery as well
6.Snowball(Animal Farm)-Although he appeared in the second story by helping Jimmy Neutron and the gang solve the mystery,he fought off the suspect of the train robbery.But in the third story however,he was a victim of mistaken identity leading up to his false arrest by the Nicktoonsville police as a result

  Suspects of the crimes commited in the three stories
1.Jack Spicer(Xiaolin Showdown)-In the first story,Jack Spicer is the suspect in the crime.He commited only two crimes.One was hacking and the other one was trespassing
2.Hector(Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats)-Just like Jack Spicer,Hector also commited the crime of tresspassing.He also commited the crime of theft making him yet another suspect in the crime as well
3.Holli Would(Cool World)-In the second story,Holli Would was a suspect in the violent train robbery.She was also the suspect of the raping of Starfire despite her homosexuallity.(Heck yeah,Holli Would is a Lesbian and she means bussiness)
4.Sideshow Bob(The Simpsons)-In the third story,Sideshow Bob is the suspect in the crime of the theft of the Rainbow flag.He was also a suspect for filing a false police report stating that someone must've confessed to the crime.That explains why Snowball was falsely arrested in the first place...all because of Sideshow Bob

  other characters include
1.Lapis Lazuli(Steven Universe)-only in the first story
2.Tommy Pickles(Rugrats)-only in the first and third story
3.Chuckie Finster(Rugrats)-only in the third story
4.Lisa Simpson(The Simpsons)-only in the second and third story
5.Rigodon(Around the World with Willy Fog)-only in the third story...but was mentioned by Tico in the second story
6.Henk(Alfred J Kwak)-only in the third story but has made only five cameos throughout the entire story
7.Heathcliff(Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats)-only in the third story but just like Henk,Heathcliff has made only five cameos throughout the entire story
8.Alfred J Kwak(cartoon of the same name)-only in the third story...but has made only two cameos in the story in only two scenes
9.Squidward(Spongebob Squarepants)-Made a brief cameo in the second story and appears in third story
10.Francis(Felidae)-only in the third story but has made six cameos in the second story

  Well,that's all I can do for you guys and I hope you like this journal.Please comment everybody and wish me the best of luck working on the other two stories since I've already completed the first one.
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Hey everybody,A.M.S here and I have some good news and some bad news.Before I get to the good news,I have something to tell you.For those of you who subscribed to my ClubNeutronersUnited channel at YouTube,thank you all so much for the was an honor of becoming a very famous artist online.I'm the very first Turkish American woman to ever become famous on every single website each year.No wonder the internet made me famous.Now,the good news is that.....I get to make more videos again.:iconcoolzdane: and :iconuranimated18:,I'll see you guys on YouTube.And now,for the very bad of my dad's brothers passed away this summer at Adana Turkey.He was not only my dad's brother...but,he was my uncle or in Turkish Benim Amca.This man will be missed and may this man rest in peace.

             Please comment everybody and please do not add my dad on your Facebook pages if you guys had a Facebook account.Like I said,please comment everybody.
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Hey everybody A.M.S here and I would like to dedicate this journal to a very special user.He's known for both DeviantArt and YouTube.The user I'm dedicating this journal entry to is none other than :icon3dshe:. :icon3dshe: is a really good YouTube user.I've seen his video again this morning and I am quite honored to be featured in his video for the very first time.He also added me into his watch on DeviantArt and gave me a llama as a bonus.He's also a founder of a DeviantArt group called :icon3dshe-youtube:.Be sure to join his group while clicking on the group's icon and add his into your DeviantArt watch.You can also subscribe to his channel on YouTube by clicking on this link right here…  .

                   I would like to thank :icon3dshe: for featuring me in your video and I hope that I would be a part of the "Daily Artists" video series on YouTube.

                                                             Please comment everybody^^
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Hey guys,I have found the perfect songs that fit the entire characters of "Wild Pine High".And here are the characters and the songs I've chosen for them.

1.Spongebob,Ed Bighead(Rocko's Modern Life),Heathcliff(Heathcliff and the Catilac Cats) and Henk(Alfred J Kwak)-Sissy That Walk sung by Rupaul Charles-The reason why I chose this song it's because they got what it takes to be both rough,tough and stylish all in the same time
2.Pheobie(Hey Arnold) and Martin Gates' version of Mole(Martin Gates' The Wind in the Willows Collection)-Are You Lonesome Tonight sung by the currently deseased king of rock n roll himself Elvis Presley-The reason why I chose the song itself it's because of the love of those two can be kept together for a minimum of time
3.Ren(The Ren and Stimpy Show),Stimpy(The Ren and Stimpy Show) and Snowball(Animal Farm)-Don't be Jealous of my Boogie also sung by Rupaul Charles-The reason why I chose the song it's because the three of them are all gay and they are proud of it
4.Trent(Total Drama Island)-Starry Starry Night sung by Don McClean-The reason why it's because he was carrying his guitar whenever he went to music class every 3rd hour on the third trimester
5.Wordsworth(Heathcliff and the Catilac Cats)-Grease is the word sung by Frankie Valli-The reason I choose this song it's because he was actually a fan of the musical itself...he even kepted on rhyming things.The song itself also gave me the nostalgic memories as a 90's kid myself growing up^^
6.Buttercup(The Powerpuff Girls)-Bad Romance sung by Lady Gaga-The reason why I chose the song it's because of her toughness and she beats up the bad guys who lied to her and even her own sisters

Well...that's all the characters and the songs I chose to fit them.Please comment,everybody;)
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Everybody,I have some news for you.2 days ago I  just found out that my sister in law is pregnant again for the second time.I was completely shocked about it at first...but,it was all worth it  anyways.Please comment,everybody and wish me a congratulations because as of now...I'm also going to be an auntie again for the second time as well.
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Hey guys,A.M.S here and I would like to announce that I'll be making a brand new fanseries this summer.And the new fanseries is "The Gay Life Adventures of Moley".This very short fanseries is a follow up to "The Wild Pine High Adventures of Jimmy Neutron and Mr.Toad" and unlike the follow up to "Wild Pine High" in which had 20 episodes,this one only has 10 episodes.And the fanseries is introducing a brand new character into the mix,an LGBT Spirit World Guardian named Shizuma(Strawberry Panic).Here are the following episodes...

Episode 1 "The Gay Life Journey Begins: The LGBT Adoption of Moley"-It was April 3rd 1999 and Shizuma requested Garnet to find someone to continue on her legacy...on the night he was born the very next night,Garnet made her decision and decided to make Moley continue on Shizuma's legacy.Five weeks and a month later,Garnet and Amane Ootari decided to adopt Moley as their own for 17 long years before he's even old enough to get into the Gay Pride Spirit.
Episode 2 "Grown up and Gay"-17 years have passed and Moley is fully grown...although he's only 17 years old...but,he's still under the riverbankers care of Ratty until....he realized that he was adopted.
Episode 3 "Boys Night Out"-While some of the students of Wild Pine High are studying for their upcoming finals before school's out for the summer,Jimmy Neutron,Otto Rocket,Moley and Eddy decided to do a little Boys Night out around town.But then,the boys found out that Moley was missing...will Jimmy Neutron,Otto Rocket and Eddy find Moley in time?
Episode 4 "The Rainbow has been shone"-While being on a boys night out,Jimmy Neutron,Otto Rocket and Eddy found out that the shining rainbow came from Moley's forehead in which was given to by Garnet 17 years ago.
Episode 5 "Garnet speaks the truth"-The time has come for Garnet to do the to tell Moley the story of Shizuma.
Episode 6 "The Powerpuff Makeover"-The Powerpuff Girls were about to give Moley a very special makeover that nobody has ever done before.
Episode 7 "The Dancing of the Summer"-It's the upcoming Summer Time Couples campain and Blossom,Jack Spicer,Moley and Duncan are chosen for the campain...but,are gonna be needing their lovers with them for support.
Episode 8 "Rainbows are for babies"-When Buttercup realizes that Moley was using the rainbow,she points,laughs and calls him the name "Baby Fatty" right under Jimmy Neutron's nose.
Episode 9 "The Rainbow Dance of Waltz"-Moley's feelings were still hurt for what Buttercup did during the first day of the campain.But,there's only one problem,he can't dance.So now,it's up to Shizuma to teach him how to dance the Waltz.
Episode 10 "The First and final battle for Gay Pride: The Gay Life Journey Ends"-It was the night of the last day of the campain and one of the judges,a homeworld gem named Jasper knew that Moley learned this from her old currently dead rival,Shizuma and has declared a challenge of Gay Pride.Who'll win the battle and who'll die trying?

          The Prologue begins with Shizuma tells Garnet to find someone to continue her legacy and it ends with the night Moley was born.

          The Epilogue begins after Moley's death,Jimmy Neutron and Blossom won the campain and it turns out good.Jasper's gem is being placed inside the jar at Jimmy Neutron's lab just for scientific studies and it ends with Ratty talking to Mossy(The Animals of Farthing Wood) by telling him that it was his turn to continue Moley's legacy.

Some of the episodes contain some cussing words...and some don't.This is dedicated to :iconjose-ramiro:,:iconmorteneng21: aka Mort and :iconuranimated18:.I hope you like it and the logo itself would be posted very shortly.

                                                    Please comment,everybody^^
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Hey guys,AMS here to tell you something that you've never heard and/or read before.Almost 7 months ago,I started my Nephew's VHS collection with only three tapes.But now,my mom came home with the most memerable Disney films ever before...The following films my mom got my nephew are "Toy Story","The Jungle Book","The Tigger Movie","101 Dalmatians" and "Pinocchio" in which is a total of 5 VHS tapes my mom got for Jondon.He now had 8 VHS tapes in his very first VHS collection.I'm so very proud of little one year old nephew is growing up so fast^^...

        Please comment everybody;)
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I borrowed it from :iconbritishgirl2012: aka Mariah.Here we go...

1.Tell you what I learned about you from looking at your profile
2.Tell you what your favorite cartoon/movie/short and international cartoons,movies and shorts
3.Tell you what Wild Pine High character you remind me of
4.Ask you a question and you really need to answer
5.Give you a nickname (in which I never did before in my life)
6.Tell you the items I have in my room from left to right
7.Tell you one of the memories I had online with you
8.Tell you something about you
9.Ask you yet another question...but this time,it was Wild Pine High related
10.Your turn,I'm done

Please comment everybody^^
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Hey guys,A.M.S here and I'm gonna be making a comic based on the Fairy Tale dream sequences from the Arthur episode "Just Deserts" when Arthur and D.W were in the world of the Fairy Tales that we all know and love as children growing up....but,in a complete minor twist into it.

               The characters in the story are.....

Buttercup(The Powerpuff Girls)-The ultimate D.W for the story.She is the only Powerpuff Girl who is the toughest fighter...but,she doesn't like to be called a princess.
CatDog(Cartoon of the same name)-They are the two headed creature in the story...but in the chasing scene,Dog starts barking and running while Cat eventually hurts himself.
Harold Berman(Hey Arnold)-The ultimate Binky Barnes for the story.He was seen as soon as the main character knew that the chase is finally over with
Daggit(Angry Beavers)-The ultimeate Buster Baxter for the story.He was seen as soon as Buttercup confronted the main character about eating people who turned themselves into cakes.He was seen again in the scene when it was time to cut the beanstalk in half with his teeth.(Hey,it's a beaver with it)
Ursula the Sea Witch(The Little Mermaid)-The ultimate witch Mr.Ratburn for the story.She is seen when she excorts both the main character and Buttercup to the land of eats.(instead of sweets,I added in know like junk food and stuff...duh...)
Grandma Squarepants(Spongebob Squarepants)-The ultimate cake formy Grandma Throra for the story.She is only seen talking to the main character....but then turns herself into a cake and ends up eaten by the main character.
Owen(Total Drama Island)-The ultimate Giant Foods for the story.He is only seen when the main character has been spoted for taking something that was rightfully his....but ends up getting killed by Daggit after the second chase of a lifetime.
Ed,Double D and Eddy(Ed,Edd n Eddy),Jimmy Neutron(The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius),Dexter(Dexter's Laboratory),Omi(Xiaolin Showdown) and Beast Boy(Teen Titans)-The ultimate Tibble Twins for the story.All seven of them were seen taking Buttercup away...leaving the main character alone to fend for himself.
Tico(Around the World with Willy Fog)-The ultimate goose for the story.He is only seen being rescued by the main character...but was being spoted by Owen.
Pepper Clarke(Littlest Pet Shop)-The ultimate kid who ate the candy for the story.She is only seen when Ursula leaves both Buttercup and the main character alone to eat as much as they can.
Benjamin(Animal Farm)-The donkey who gave the main character magic beans that shaped more like pills.(I have to add in a scene after the dramatic cake eating scene)
                             and last but not least
Martin Gates' Moley(Martin Gates' The Wind in the Willows Collection series)-The ultimate Arthur Reed and the main character of the story.He was seen with Buttercup through out the entire story from beginning all the way to the end of the story.He has been on two chasing scenes and he had successfully rescued Tico from the evil giant Owen.

I hope you guys like the cast for the story I'm gonna be working on so far.Wish me luck on the brand new comic book adventure,guys...that includes you too,:iconbritishgirl2012: aka Mariah.Please comment,everybody.^^
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Hey everybody,A.M.S here and I'm gonna be starting my first ever Cartoon Review.I'm staring it off with the 1954 British animated film "Animal Farm"....based on the story of the same name by George Orwell.That movie is a really good movie....I began watching the movie ever since I was only 18 years old.I got attached to the movie itself that I really want to watch it over and over again.I'm really happy that I got to see a movie that is animated and I like how Halas and Batchelor decides to get the violence in off screen mode and giving Moses the Raven the screen time view whenever the violence is about to take place.Overall,that movie is really really really good that I wanted to watch it over and over again.I'm ending it with the second and final cartoon to review and that is everybody's favorite uncle and grandpa....iiiiiiit's "Uncle Grandpa"....*Uncle Grandpa tone of voice* Good morning...*back to my tone*.I really like "Uncle Grandpa" was a really cool cartoon.I began watching it ever since I was only about 20 years old and I started to like the cartoon.It gave the inspiration to let my imagination run wild....the only one episode I saw earlier today was the Uncle Grandpa episode "Grounded" in which had a small refrence....and it looks like "Animal Farm" was the only British animated film to ever be refenced by "Uncle Grandpa" for the very first time on Cartoon Network.Well I'm very happy to say this...but,I would like to give both "Uncle Grandpa" and "Animal Farm" five out of five stars for best animation,best characters,best story development,best artwork and for best animated cartoon and/or movie that many Americans and even the British would love to watch over and over again.

                                    Please comment;)
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