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It was very calm and breezy afternoon at Nicktoonsville Michigan like any other afternoon.Steven Universe,K.O,Craig,Gumball,Darwin and Chowder are playing a game of tag and everything is very calm and peaceful.That is until a curtain Gay cat went over to the creek and is now on the prowl.His name is Hector and he's only about 22 weeks pregnant with Ren Höek's children.The boys felt afraid of him at first...but as they saw Danny and Sandy riding on Greased Lightning,they have a 50% chance that he won't go for the kill.But,Steven and his friends are dead wrong.They are about to become eyewitnesses to a very violent killing.Slowly stalking and watching,Hector knew that it was his chance to do so.As he took one violent death stare at Connie,he pounced and began to chase her all the way to the end of the creek.Connie tried to get away...but sadly for her,it might be too late.A vital chance to escape eventually cost her life.Steven can't believe his own eyes.Hector killed Connie in order to sustain his cravings.This made Steven feel like he's gonna cry because one cat killed his girlfriend.Steven had no choice but to confront her feline murderer.But,the Greaser Dogs..Cliff,Shriek and Lube chased Hector out of the creek.He tried to escape by climbing up a tree..but sadly for him,it might be too late.Cliff ripped Hector's stomach open causing the fetus to come out as Shriek and Lube attacked him from behind.Hector may have killed Connie...but sadly,he can't fight off the Greaser Dogs.He died after his children came out by a violent C section.Five seconds after his death,the dogs left.Steven walks over and pops the fetus causing the water to flow.And out came three puppies and one kitten.Steven finds out that the little kitten looks just like its mother.Steven knew that Hector died protecting his unborn young after Connie's death.So,the only male Crystal Gem took the kitten in his arms and decided to name the little one Sandy after Danny's girlfriend and walks all the way home while the others grabbed the puppies and walks over to give them to Ren Höek who is their father.The only thing that Steven knew that a smile can give little Sandy some love.

                         The End
Here is a crossover story and this is dedicated to fans of "Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats" and "Steven Universe".I hope you like the story.Sadly,Hector and Connie died in this story.Once again,I hope you like it.

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