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TUTORIAL Simple Draenei's Clogs

Well... 'cause I hadn't so much time, this is the best way to make a pair of clogs.
First of ALL. The base... a pair of shoes soooo tall xD
Because the final effect is a tall foot xD
Then, 1: self-expandable polyurethane FOAM.
(I used my feet to make the base, but a simple ball is enough)
2: CUT, cut and cut. Watch your fingers!! XD
3: PAPER MACHE, covers the holes and compact.
4: PLASTER, and carefully sanding.
5: PASTE THE LINING. Before this, sew the elastic internal (recommended)
6: COLORS and FUR!

DONE! :)
This is my first tutorial, I hope you enjoy it ^u^

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I love this.

I really hate the other version where you have to balance around on the balls of your feet all day, hoping you dont fall over.

So you are using expanding foam, paper-mache AND plaster of paris?  Dosent the plaster tend to crack, when walking around? Definitely makes it heavier.

Thank you for sharing.
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Those are amazing!!!
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Thank you ^^
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I love those shoes XD
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cool and it also works when you chip off the heels of cheap ugly shoes too 
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is it solid? : O
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Yeah ;) and if you want it harder, put 1 or 2 layers of resin :)
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LOL super nice
Axylh's avatar
Thank you!!!
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oh my god!!! I love your work! So amazing! Thanks for the tutorial fotos from the Hooves!
davidadge's avatar
wow, that really is easy =) and pro
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These look amazing OwO
Now I feel like making them but... I don't have anything to wear them with...
Though I might just go outside wearing these for the lulz...
Axylh's avatar
Maybe you can XD It's so funny! But at the evening it's better you relax your feet ;(
Syjana's avatar
Amazing i love it
i want to use it, but i need a cosplay vor it -^^-
Akazukinchan's avatar
Do u know how to make legs of a saytr?
Axylh's avatar
I saw a lot of tutorial on web, but I never did it yet ^^
Timelady-Ari18's avatar
brilliant you know? :D
Axylh's avatar
Asd thanks xD the most difficult work was the colouring ;)
Timelady-Ari18's avatar
it's just amazing looks pretty real :D
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They turned out really great. Very neat approach to them.
Fur seems a little off, since they're not fluffy creatures, lol.
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