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0.0 Distorted Reality [Book 1: Fire]

By Axxonu
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About the project:

This comic is a partial adaptation of :iconbaithin:'s Avatar fanfiction, Distorted Reality. Aang, embittered after the fall of Ba Sing Se and the loss of many of his friends in the hopeless war with the Fire Nation, is sent to another world, in which he has to relive the the same events of his life again. Only this time fighting alongside Zuko and Azula against the Water Tribes. 

Rather than try to adapt the entire story end to end, I've just picked out a few scenes here and there, with summaries in between covering some of the intervening events.

It's been averaging about six months between new scenes coming out, though for notes on how far along a current scene might be, feel free to check out 
this tumblr post.  For some art notes and a bit of extra art related to the project, see the Tumblr.



For Azula's clothing design I used :iconstasysolitude:'s fanart here  

The arm cuffs on Aang’s Earth Kingdom design I used 
this fanart by Malevii4

Full list of font/brush resources used in this comic



Russian Translation by logander24
Polish Translation by FatalNadzieja

(I'm just so blown away to see the comic in other languages, more than I can say.  Definitely check these out when you get the chance.)



[BOOK 1] Chapter 1: The Boy in the Volcano
[BOOK 1] Chapter 5: The King of Jie Duan
[BOOK 1] Chapter 12: The Blue Spirit

[BOOK 2] Book 2 Cover
[BOOK 2] Chapter 1: Merge [Scene 1]
[BOOK 2] Chapter 1: Merge [Scene 2]
[BOOK 2] Chapter 1: Merge [Scene 3]
[BOOK 2] Chapter 5: The Freedom Fighters
[BOOK 2] Chapter 6: The Blind Bandit

[BOOK 1] Chapter 20: The Golden Siege, Part 2


For more convenient reading, the comic is also up on these sites:



AVATAR is the property of Viacom/Nickelodeon, Bryan Konietzko, and Michael DiMartino. This is an unaffiliated fan project.

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SamBiswas95's avatar

Why Russian translation? Just a little curious. Do you have a Russian background?

Axxonu's avatar

No particular reason, it's just that logander does Russian translations of comics, and he's done a few other Avatar fancomics as well. (He decides what projects to take on, so I'm just lucky.) Although it is extra exciting for it to be Russian, because the original fanfiction Distorted Reality has a Russian audience in that a fan translated the comic into Russian years ago.

SamBiswas95's avatar

Can you post this somewhere else, like Wattpad so it’s easier to navigate? I want to read it but I can’t find where I left off

Axxonu's avatar

Huh, does Wattpad have a pretty good format as far as reading/navigating comics? I might consider it when I get some time, I've been wanting to get on some more sites that are easier for reading than this one. (Especially since my favorite site Smack Jeeves changed its format to one I really didn't care for myself.)

As far as possibly easier reading than this site goes, the comic is also up on Tapas ( and on ComicFury ( I used to think Tapas was the best of the comic sites as far as intuitive reading goes, but it had an update a while back that I think made it a little tougher to get around (and takes pages longer to load), but you can still scroll through scenes rather than clicking links as you have to on here, which is nice and makes for more natural reading. ComicFury is still individual pages, but you can get through by clicking the page itself rather than the links and I think pages load noticeably faster there than on this site. (Also planning to get the comic up on Tumblr at some point, but still working on it, that will probably be a while.)

Thanks for the recommendation! If I do get it up on Wattpad eventually, I'll let you know.

Permission post this comic on a Chiese website, I will mention you are the creator.

Axxonu's avatar

Wow, sure, go ahead! Thank you, I'd love that!

All right,thank you so much!!

Axxonu's avatar

No problem, thank you again!! (Also if you do get it up, would you mind sharing the link to the site with me as well? I'm not sure if it's the type of site where people can leave comments and such, but I've enjoyed using Google Translate to sort of get the gist of what people are saying in places like where the Russian version of the comic is posted, though honestly I'm just curious, hehe.) Thanks again!

Axxonu's avatar

Thanks so much!!

I wish to post your comic on another Chinsee website named LOFTER,may I have your permission?

Axxonu's avatar

Sure, go ahead! I really appreciate it!!

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Amazing great job
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Excellent series of comix. Thank you *_*
Russel-GorillazSwag's avatar
ty lee ty lee spanish the comic
StellarReaches's avatar
Very gutsy, and very ambitious. I hope you succeed in reaching the mark you have set for yourself!

(Watch out for that timeline!)
Axxonu's avatar
Heehee, thanks so much, I'll do my best! C:

(Hehe, you mean the one in the story or the one I need to set for myself? c; )
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