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Jasnah Kholin


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Another #SundaySanderson. Today we have Jasnah Kholin. The most badass character in all Stormlight Archives. 
Series from author Brandon Sanderson.
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What did she just set on fire? My guess is a "love note" from Amaram.

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Wow, awesome work! I really like how you depicted her safe hand and scholarly side in this. On my YouTube channel, I have a series talking about Stormlight Archive Lore. Would it be okay if I used this picture for my upcoming Stormlight vid about Jasnah? I would of course make sure to leave a link to your art and profile in the description.

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An actual Alethi, amazing. 
AGGHH!!!! Finally an Alethi who is freaking TAN not black. i dont have anything against the Makabaki I just see a fine line between Black and Tan. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PICTURE!
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Agreed. Especially annoys me when fans jump all over someone who draws the Alethi too light for their taste, but have their skin as dark as a Makabaki should be and they're praised for "accuracy".  Obviously people are free to draw it however they want, but the double standard gets tiresome. 
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I second everything TheBlueShifting said in their first comment. I especially love this piece of Jasnah Kholin, so I hope you're o.k., if I use the deviantart-share-to-tumblr function on here to post it to my fanblog:
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This is fantastic! I wish in my heart of hearts that the Stormlight archive be made into an Anime, or Anime-like show. This style reminds me a little of Avatar the Last Airbender. Fantastic job!

So I don't want to bother you, but I have a question. I am a YouTube writing a series based on Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere called "Letters from the Cosmere" which I hope you'll check out so you know how it looks:

Would you be interested in showcasing your art in this series? I will only use your art with permission so don't worry about seeing your art in my videos unless you agree. I will also link your work in the description of the video as predominantly as possible. I also noticed you have a sketch of Vin so may I ask to use that as well, if you are so inclined. It's because of great artists like you that this project can look so amazing. 

Thanks again for your time, regardless of your answer, i look forward to seeing your future work.

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Sure thing! I have some cosmere fanarts, you can use them in your video no problem. Actually, I have a thing called #SundaySanderson where every sunday I make a fanart of something from Sanderson's books. 
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Thank you so much! That sounds awesome that you do so many new works! If you enjoy the series you might be able to draw inspiration from the episodes. At the end of each I will say what the topic is for the next episode for anyone wanting to make art specifically for the series. But seriously, this project becomes amazing because of great artists like you. Thank you again!
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Oh and would you like me to link back to the DA pages, or do you have another link you'd rather share?
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