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Mon Nov 2, 2015, 5:22 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

updated 11-12-18


♦ What do you use to draw? Your brush set
Photoshop CC and Wacom tablet. My brushes and tools available through .:Bullet:. Patreon Patreon >

♦ Your Commission/Requests status?

♦ Why you don't respond to my note/email?
Keep in mind this screenshot. Your note could be lost among others. Send it again if you don't find your question below.

If your note/email is about contest / your group / you ask me for any kind of request or you asking me questions that I have answered in my FAQ, probably you will never get the response from me. Please no offense.

♦ Can I repost your art / Use your art in my videos / Use your art for my desktop or avatar/profile picture?
Only for non-commercial use as long as you link it back to my Deviantart or Patreon page

♦ Do you want to participate in my contest?
Nope, sorry

♦ Art collaboration?
It's complicated. I don't want to judge/offend anyone, so I decline such requests. But if you think that your level of drawing is comparable to mine & your style is well combined with mine, feel free to send me a request and we will discuss details :3


♦ My social media
Email Email >  axsensart(at) gmail{dot}com
.:Bullet:. Patreon Patreon >
Tumblr Icon Tumblr >
Facebook Icon Facebook >
Instagram New Icon Instagram >
Redbubble icon Redbubble Prints >
ArtStation Icon Artstation >
purple heart bullet  Hentai Foundry > Axsens   
:youtube: YouTube > AxsenArt
Gumroad icon 2 Gumroad >

LiveHeroes icon Liveheroes > axsens (inactiveBullet; Yellow     
Paigeeworld icon Paigeeworld > axsen (inactiveBullet; Yellow   
Pixiv Icon ultramini Pixiv > axsens (inactiveBullet; Yellow   
Drawcrowd Icon by Lizana Drawcrowd > (inactiveBullet; Yellow   
Pinterest Icon ultramini Pinterest > (inactiveBullet; Yellow   
Inprnt (black) Icon ultramini 1/2 > (inactiveBullet; Yellow   
Ko-fi (2017) Icon ultramini > (inactiveBullet; Yellow   
Vero Icon ultramini  Vero > Axsens (inactiveBullet; Yellow   
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Society 6 Icon Society6 Prints >  (inactiveBullet; Yellow   
any other accounts are not associated with me

♦ You have Skype/WhatsApp? Can we chat?

First at all I am not a very online-social person. I have skype and whatsapp, but I prefer to use them in a more personal purposes. Sorry.

♦ How then I can contact with you?
The best way to contact me is still through deviantart's notes or mailing me. Because I can check notes/mails when I really do have time.

♦ Why you don't talk to me?
I'm incredibly shy and need a very long time to warm up to people.

♦ Why you blocked me?
I'm a very tolerant person, but if I banned you, then you deserve it for some reasons. Respect it, please.

Possible reasons for blocking:
- Harrassing
- Spam
- False accusation
- Aggressive behavior
- Abusive language
- Disrespect to (insulting) me or other people
- If you insult my artwork (without constructive criticism), you can get auto-banned.
- Acting like a troll
- You're fanservice artist hater. More info here

I am open to conversations, but in a civil and cultural language.


♦ Are you a girl or a boy?
A girl.

♦ How to pronounce your username?
Áxsens [ ɑ:ksens ]

♦ Have you ever taken art class/study?
I completed 6 month in digital art school years ago, and.. well.. I don't think I learned too much there. I've never drawn before. Never. Even in elementary school I always asked for help to my parents.  So I'm self-taught.

♦ How old are you?
That's a secret Shy 

♦ Where do you live?
Um... I'm definitely from Earth.. That's all I can say :earth: 

♦ Why you don't respond to my note/email?
If your note/email is about contest / your group / you ask me for any kind of request or you asking me questions that I have answered in my FAQ, probably you will never get the response from me. Please no offense.


♦ Do you want to participate in my contest?
I rarely participate in contests. Sorry.

♦ Please watch me / Give me some points / Give me [other things] ?
No I do not give points or llamas or other stuff when asked for.

♦ Look at my gallery?
I'm a pretty busy person. Not to sound arrogant, I just usually don't have the time, sorry.


♦ What do you use to draw?
Photoshop CC and Wacom tablet
Icon Adobe Photoshop CC by LirioRox  Wacom tablet icon by LirioRox Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 Icon 

♦ How long does it take you to finish one illustration?
It depends on the complexity. It's usually 2 hours to days.

♦ Do you sketch on paper or do you do everything digitally?
I draw everything digitally

♦ Did you stop to do animations?
Yes, I want to focus on painting skills. Maybe some day I will return to animations ^^

♦ Do you use any texture for you drawings or backgrounds?  Where I can find it?
Sometimes I use stock images


♦ Can I commission you?
My commissions have been closed for a long time. 

♦ I want to hire you for commercial work
Send me an email at alxamae(at)gmail[dot]com with your inquiry with all information (what the art will be used for, the duration of the use, your budget, the extent of the project, etc).

♦ Can I request something?
I don't take requests, sorry.  

♦ I can't find my commission in your gallery
Try to find it here: All done commissions


♦ Can I repost your art?
With the intention of sharing it, yes, feel free to do it. However, please link back to my gallery and don't alter the image. Check my tumblr out first to see if you can reblog it directly from me.

♦ Can I use your art in my videos?
Yes, you can use it in your YouTube videos/channel as long as you link it back to my Deviantart

♦ Can I use your art for my desktop or avatar/profile picture?
For yourself? Yes. Except for commissions with original characters. Ask permission to the owner of character.

♦ Can I used your art for practice/reference (copying style, reference, inspiration etc)?
Yes, you can use my art as long as you link it back to my Deviantart
No for money or anything else not for practice involved.


♦ Do you do streams?
Like I said before, I'm a very shy person. I will not be able to work a full 100% concentrated when I know people are "watching" me.

♦ Teach me please!
I do tutorials for my patrons. You can become my Patron to help me grow and suggest your ideas! :3
I don't do private lessons ^^

♦ Can I draw your id mascot?
Yes, but ask me first about it, please.

♦ Why do you stop drawing Sailor Moon's arts?
Sometimes I draw sm arts, but honestly I want to grow and I don't like to think that I'm only a moonie's artist. There are so many artists who live in the Sailor moon's Universe, and I'm not that artist anymore.

♦ Why I see some of your artworks in storage?
Hmm.. maybe for some reason I don't like them or they are gone to the past

♦ WHAT IS A LLAMA BADGE? Llama Potter 
Read carefully all about llamas >> Llama FAQs and Information

♦ You did something wrong!
Sorry, I'm human, but I always try to fix my mistakes. Give me another chance.



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