Argleflargle and baloney!!

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Yes, argleflargle and blaloney indeed!
It seems, ladies and gentleman, that I have failed to regulary produce work as I said I would in my last journal entry, which was no less than 6 months ago.

I have however achieved one thing! Jay and Evan is now over,  and it may or may not return. It all depends on whether or not I get and urge to draw them again, which I don't at the moment. For my first webcomic it wasn't bad I suppose, but it could have been loads better, so I'm thinking of starting a new one, not sure what yet, but I plan to have it all drawn before I start putting it on t'internets (thus preventing 6 month gaps between episodes).

In other news, I am hungry and I will be finishing off this entry now in order to go and make myself a tasty treat.


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