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NEW! Axugaem 2 V. 0.5.1

Character  Pandara (Axuverse)Location  Imperium
Warning! This game contains fetish content and is not suitable for all audiences. A reduced-fetish 'diet' mode is partially implemented but not complete, so download and play at your own discretion!
- -

IMPORTANT: This is an unfinished demo. It is not the full game, and it will have some bugs, errors, and glitches. Please consult the Known Issues section in the patch notes down below, as well as the #bug-reports channel on the discord if you're part of it, before reporting problems.

:bulletpink:Download here:

Axu2 on…

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This demo exists to let you all in on Axugaem2 as it stands right now, and to allow for bug testing, balance suggestions, and other forms of testing. There will be many bugs and glitches, including potentially game-breaking ones, so if you find anything that's clearly wrong, please comment below and let me know! This is going to be a long game, so I want to nip as much of the nasty stuff as I can at the bud.
Hope you enjoy! 

- -

For anyone confused by the unfinished state of the game, I've decided to release these updates both to make the testing process easier (aka possible given that this is a solo project) and to keep all of you in the loop. I will continue releasing these episodic updates as I reach major milestones in the game's development, and hopefully the process will allow the finished product to arrive sooner!

The next major update will be The Battle for Capital Bridge, and I'm hoping to have it finished mid this year! It'll be about the same size as this update but will still have plenty of new content to explore, and plenty of tweaks and bugfixes to improve player experience. Teasers will arrive via my Ko-Fi as soon as there's enough new content to tease~ --->

Join our Discord if you want to get more involved with the testing process!

-A Brief Word to Testers-

If you're interested in testing Axugaem2, well, first off, I appreciate it! I'll be adding everyone who's tested the game to the special thanks portion of the credits once it's finished! 
In the meantime, if you're unsure of what's worth suggesting/pointing out regarding the game as it stands, my response would be: everything is worth pointing out. Don't feel restricted to serious bugs. I would like to hear your feedback on every single aspect of the game, including but not limited to: Plot, characters, dialogue (is there too much of it? Rhetorical question. Yes there is), battles, skills, music, settings, pacing, humour, continuity, items, quests, miscellaneous mechanics and so on! On that same note though, don't feel like you have to comb the game for the tiniest nitpicks either. This is just to say: if you have thoughts, please voice them, and I will take them into consideration.

See below for patch notes, screenshots, and more detailed info!

- - -

AXUGAEM 2 DEMO, VERSION 0.5.1: March 1st, 2021

This is a small bugfix patch with a little bit of content added to flesh out specific aspects of the game some more.

- -


-Cedric now has a unique sprite, finally! (when he isn't hooded, that is.)

-Ironfruit Crocodons now prowl the shores of Blam Beach and lurk in the reeds on the following maps:
-Royal Feldwich Base
-Capital Bridge

-Melissa now attends the ball at Sky Castle! She sits next to Karen (to prevent the player talking to Karen from that side and potentially softlocking the game lol)

-Added a new small quest to Westhaven following the crisis. Speak to the old woman who appears on the farm once you complete the investigation to pick it up. (More will likely be added in the future, but this one was sitting unfinished in the quest script so I figured why not~)
-Added a few tiny cosmetic details to the lake and waterfall in the Highland Gate map.
-Spiders, Larval Core Worms, and Earth Elementals can now be encountered in the Westhaven Tunnels, on Drakkus Island, and in Drakkus Cave.
-Added a bit of dialogue to the event in Drakkus Temple, as well as some additional clarity on what to do in it.

-Added the Lucky Lure item. This one-use item refreshes all bubbling water spots on the current map for 2 minutes (Doesn't work in the Highlands or on the Costa Del Nyan Waterfront to avoid potential issues with conflicting timers. There aren't any fish exclusive to those areas so don't worry 'bout it~)
-The item can only be obtained in bulk by completing Boh'Redd's special list, which isn't really possible atm, but there will be some chances to find a few scattered across Imperium!
-On that note, the event for completing Boh'Redd's special list is now finished, but again not accessible due to Kal'Ra Stonespines not appearing on any maps. They'll come with Ancestor Isle in the Earth Update!
-Fixed an inconsistency in the stated number of fish needed between the description of the special list and the event that plays when it's used.

-Incubus Trackers, Mountain Trackers, and Winged Trackers will now get visibly fatter when hit by Elmira's Adipomancy!
-Goats will also now do this, but maybe we shouldn't encourage Elmira to use her magic on innocent goats!


-Slightly boosted Evelyn's MDF and MDF gain again.
-Slightly lowered Evelyn's base AGI and AGI gain... again.

-Increased Lani's base MHP and MHP gain.

-Reduced the ATK of Incubus Trackers in Grok from 28 to 25, their DEF from 15 to 10, and increased their chance to drop an Antidote from 1/10 to 1/5.
-Also in Grok, reduced Tocatta's MHP from 2200 to 2000, her ATK from 40 to 35, and her MAT from 45 to 40.
-The rails in the Lava District should no longer damage the player when walked on (though the spots where the rail passes directly over open lava will still inflict a bit of damage.)

-During the fight with Nell on the Grinning Demon, she will now only use Channel Fury at the end of the turn when reduced to 30% hp or lower. This should fix a small bug where the action interfered with her Kalanar's Rage state.

-Increased the droprate of crocodon meat from 1/3 to 1/2.

-Gallonmelons have been limited to one use per trip to the Tent. This should prevent bugs to-do with multiple consecutive uses. Don't worry, there'll be other opportunities to dump all your money into feeding Arci and such :~)

-The stairs up to Kortis' office should now deter the player prior to talking to his secretary, as well as when Kortis is in the restaurant prior to recruiting Kortis/Arci.


-Fixed a bug in the Greater Lash Plant quest where the 'nailed' debuff from the nail gun item would disappear at the end of the turn before the event could register it and uptick the quest counter. Using the gun on a suspended greater lash plant should now display a success message and remove it from the battle.

-Fixed treats sometimes not causing weight gain when they should if the character you're using them on has eaten some Brapples and/or Gallonmelons.
-Fixed Kira getting bodyblocked by will-o-wisps during the race in the Sand Swamp Mire.
-The game should no longer restrict the player's movement after turning in the Snake Oil quest to Jimi Bablo while standing below him on the dojo map.
-The Elder Core Worm boss will now spit up party members upon being defeated, as intended.
-Fixed Esther's Jar not emptying the second time you bring it back to her in its full state.
-Fixed Clark being able to sit on the arm of Esther's couch if you speak to her while already on the couch (you can no longer already be on the couch.)
-Fixed Sally complaining at you for targeting her if Elmira uses Adipomancy on Evelyn or Mercy during their boss fight on Spire.
-After being summoned to Capital Bridge by Skazili, entering Khur from any direction except from the right will now move the player to the right entrance to prevent the event causing a softlock.
-Fixed a second bloated Lani appearing instead of the actual Lani getting bloated when using a Gallonmelon in the Tent.
-Fixed Vespa sometimes appearing as fat Lani when she eats a Gallonmelon in the Tent.
-Fixed being able to find and turn in the Avatar's Wretched Core to Ferra multiple times.
-Fixed the Crocodon Carnage Gumbo quest not properly processing the amount of crocodon meat in the player's inventory if they turn in the quest while Vespa is fat (specifically fat, not bloated.)
-Fixed the Crocodon Carnage Gumbo quest not removing the ingredients from your inventory upon completion. Also added a chance for Caldryn to pitch into the dialogue if you've recruited him.
-Opened up the sitting area in the Sky Castle Foyer so that Leslie can no longer trap the player with her thicness.
-Fixed the invisible pigman in Sky Castle's Central Stairwell blocking the player's path after reaching the roof doors and disappearing.
-Amber no longer softlocks the game if you talk to her from the right on the Sky Castle Roof map.
-Fixed a few instances of Air and Lightning Elementals speaking to Cross while he's sneaking out of Sky Castle in someone else's stomach.
-Fixed the Favour quests in the Sky Castle Ballroom not registering as completed upon returning to the quest givers. This change isn't retroactive... sorry!!
-Fixed a bug in the Avatar of the Weeping Earth's fight where the Creepjacker meant to spawn as backup instead appears with the Avatar at the beginning.
-Fixed Capital Bridge and the lakes near Grok not being examinable using the map in the tent (but the squares around them being examinable instead...)


-I will be adding some UI elements to the Iron Gut competitions in a coming patch, which will improve quality of life for those looking to master it.
-There is a chance for Evelyn to appear in the party while on Caldryn's route, though the game doesn't register her as being there for any events except phoenix doors. Still looking into this one!
-Cedric's character sprite may not show up in areas like the save screen and formation menu for those who already have him unlocked. This is a bug that happens with characters when their default sprites are replaced outside of game. I've implemented a quick fix that should solve the issue when the player enters the world map, but there may still be instances of it occurring. There also may be a couple of spots that I missed where he uses the default sprite still, so let me know if you encounter any! (hooded doesn't count)
-Consult the Lingering/Unconfirmed/Old Bugs pinned message on the Discord's #bug-reports channel for some other miscellaneous bugs that may still be hanging around in some form.

- - -

Patch 0.5.0 (The Ironfruit Update): January 17th, 2021

- -


-Ironfruit Jungle is now open to explore! After clearing the Water, Air, and Fire temples, you will receive a letter from Skazili asking for your presence at Capital Bridge!
-You can reach the jungle by traveling through the now empty Khur, which has had its left exit cleared of debris.
-Capital City, the largest city in Imperium, is currently closed to travelers, but will open its gates in one of the next couple of updates.
-Locations you CAN visit in Ironfruit Jungle include:
 -Euvinia Lake
 -The Royal Feldwich Art Gallery
 -Ironfruit Temple
 -Ironfruit Farm
 -Jenivia Farm
 -Blam Beach
 -North and South Beach Lighthouses
 -Capital Bridge (unfinished)
  -Skazili is waiting at Capital Bridge. He won't do anything to progress the plot for now, but the next part of the story will be arriving with the aforementioned BFCB update this summer.

-Added an extended scene in Skycastle, the floating fortress of the Air Lord Zephryn.
-Play as Cross during the scene, and team up with either Lani or Linda during one of the Air Lord's famous parties! Seems like everyone's been invited!
 -Cross is only playable during the Skycastle scene for now, but he will become a permanent party member with the next update.

-Cross now learns Tailwind Strike at level 10!
-32 TP:  a physical wind strike that always hits last. Grants Cross an additional action the following turn!

-Added a special event for reaching 90 approval rating with Arciella, initiated by talking to her in the tent.
-Added a few fanservicey interactions between Claire/Vespa, Claire/Abby, and Claire/Nell under specific circumstances related to new content .
-Arciella is also now (pretty tamely) dateable under similarly new-content-specific circumstances, this time related to the new 90 approval rating event. There will be more updates reflecting this change in relationship in future patches!

-Added a few relics related to Ironfruit Jungle and its inhabitants.
-Added some new quests to the area as well, along with new treasure and many new types of enemies to guard it.

-IMPORTANT: The Avatar of Scarring Flame in the Magma Tunnel now leaves behind a quest item! If you've already defeated the avatar, you will have to return to where you fought it in the Magma Tunnel to retrieve the item from the ground; without it, you won't be able to turn in the Scarring Flame quest, so make sure to grab it!

-Added new consumables to find:
-Brapples: Heals 500 HP and makes the selected character burp. Has no burp effect on elementals (except Evelyn : D)
-Regal Ironfruit: An unusual but famous fruit that grants the imbiber bonus Earth damage on attack for a few turns.
-Gallonmelon: So big and heavy, it can only be eaten in the Tent. Not everyone can eat the entire thing, but it's so good that it seems like most everyone's willing to try...
 -(The Gallonmelon slightly increases the MMP of whoever eats it, and makes them very very bloated! Some party members will have a few additional dialogue options while in this state, and there is a bit of interaction to discover. More interactions specific to whoever attempts the melon will be added in coming patches!)
-Added the Shrapnel Bomb: a vicious new type of bomb invented by the undead husks known as Creepjackers. The shop in Blackhollow hasn't quite figured these things out yet... But Clark seems to get how they work, if you manage to find one.
-Added a few new hidden weapons and armour, including the Guscorp Brand Pickaxe, a weapon which allows the wielder to mine rock-based enemies... at your own peril!

-A few more enemies are now fattenable and have updated sprites when fattened! (thanks to JemG for the morphs!)
-The pale-skinned Melkai ambusher/cultist and the dark-skinned Melkai Thug
- The gremlins in the Thunder Highlands (but not the ones in Blightwood just yet)
- Nell (you'll see ;).)

-Kortis now has a bangin' statue of himself in his office, and copies of it across the town of Costa Del Nyan! Huge thanks to JemG/MindscapeJEM for the surprise statue sprite!
-Similarly, you can now also find more accurate statues of Elarel, Charon, and the pigman High Warlords all across Imperium, again thanks to JemG!

-Added a Mail Bag item that allows you to reread messages received from Jimi Bablo throughout the game.
-On a similar note, Bablo's Dojo now sports a few new basic level training programs! (Nell and Lani's special training will be added with Capital Bridge.)

-Added a new enemy to the Thunder Highlands area: Lightning Sprites!
-Stray lightning strikes in the Thunder Highlands now have a chance to spawn a Lightning Sprite!


-Cross no longer learns Blessing at level 1 (in old save files he will still have it, but in new files he won't.)

-Completely reworked the Shield Bash skill!
-Before: A cross-specific skill with an attack+chance to stun two random enemies.
-Now: A basic shield attack on a random enemy that ignores DEF and comes with a 30% chance to stun. Anyone with a shield can now use it! Its damage can now also crit.

-The Formations! skill can similarly also now be used by all shield wearers (or at least all of them who can use Magic.)
-Changed the cost of Formations! from 30MP to 20TP.

-Reduced the HP and ATK of the Merleen Figurehead, and increased her Max MP.

-Reduced Evelyn Jr's LUK boost from 50 to 25 and added a boost of 1 to all other base stats when equipped.
-The idea is that the doll will be upgradeable in future updates, so the base form has been dialed back with that in mind.

-Renamed a few Elemental 'minion' enemies to Elemental Sprites for consistency's sake.

-Travel gems now fade to white instead of black when used (except for the stones that drop you off in Blightwood, because y'know.)


-Fixed Abby's LUK gain decreasing upon changing to Mechanist +
-The Succubus Hustlers (and the Shambling Umpire) now have programmed elemental weaknesses and resistences! (yep, I missed that somehow...)
-In addition, the Shambling Umpire is now a better umpire and will only call Strike, Ball, or Foul (removed his basic attack ability.)
-Drump Shamblers in the Sand Swamp, Possessed Tomb Guardians in the Valley of Kings, and the Possessed Ramkhef Guardian all now resist Nature a little bit.
-Fixed the broken lamp post at the entrance to the Del Nyan Town Square.
-Fixed Caldryn not letting you go south out of the Scab even after defeating the angels in his route.
-Cedric no longer says 'vampies' instead of vampires. Lani is relieved.
-Fixed a minor bug allowing the player to walk on some parts of the map border in Khur.
-The Bloodwidow should now properly disappear upon harvesting her butt.
-Fixed Evelyn's Majesty skill crashing the game (there was a missing space in the damage calculation formula.)
-The switch in the Devil's Nest that releases the red rock from the ceiling will now only work when the player is facing up (instead of right, which was causing softlocks.)
-Fixed being able to walk over one of the pits in the Devil's Nest.
-The Curious Glutton in the Dune Forest is no longer also a random encounter (yup, for some reason that was a thing.)
-The Angel guarding the Blighted Eye will now only fight you if Caldryn has joined the party.
-Renamed the 'Kicking Kroat' Drink to its proper name in the Armor menu (it was still 'Krimson Kroat'.)
-The 'Sergeant's Deal' quest should now show as completed, if not in older playthroughs then most likely in fresh ones.
-Fixed being able to walk on water (and get bodyblocked by the shadow of a fish) in the waters below Spire.
-Natasha's face sprite now shows up properly during your first meeting with her.
-Vico's Magic Reflect skill now has an animation.


-A huge apology to everyone who has been waiting for a dateable Nell! Her story is going to be tied into the Battle for Capital Bridge specifically, so I can't implement her relationship progression fully just yet!
-Nell WILL be dateable in the Battle for Capital Bridge Update, which will arrive mid this year.
-A similar apology to all the Leslie enthusiasts/folks who are still waiting on that white fur for Ev's doll. I'm not sure quite where to go with the Veslie stuff right now for varying reasons, but there will be more soon, hopefully!
-Diet Mode isn't airtight at the moment due to the recent influx of belly-related content. I'll be patching up its functionality in coming updates.
-It's apparently possible to date Vespa and Abby at the same time, but I haven't had the chance to figure out why that is. Date responsibly, folks!
-There's a lot of still unfinished content that I didn't get a chance to work on for this update- Mostly in terms of dating and relationship events like I mentioned with Leslie. Most of this stuff should properly indicate that it isn't complete, but if you find anything gamebreaking, of course let me know on the server's #bug-reports channel!

- - -

Fun Stuff:

:bulletpink:Fanwork Showcase!:bulletpink:…

Ss1 by Axlwisp
Ss3 by Axlwisp
Ss12 by Axlwisp
Ssfat by Axlwisp


:bulletpink:Pump it up!:bulletpink:
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If you haven't played the original (non-canon, non-commercial) Axugaem, you can find the full game here:
Axugaem (Version 1.0)



- - -


Patch 0.4.7, August 25, 2020
- - -


-Added additional window size and fullscreen functionality!
-Use F5 to toggle fullscreen.
-Use F6 to toggle window size in fullscreen and windowed mode.
-Alt-Enter will still toggle fullscreen but it's recommended you use the above shortcuts instead.

-Reworked Elmira's Adipomancy skill completely!
-Old: 5 MP, high priority skill that greatly slows an enemy and increases Elmira's AGI for 5 turns.
-New: 20 MP, will always strike last, barring end of turn events and the like. Fattens the targeted enemy/raises Elmira's AGI for 5 turns.
-The following enemies will now get visibly fatter when fattened by Adipomancy, with more to come:
- Succubus Purger (both varieties), Succubus Flirt (both varieties), and Buffy.
- Tocatta.
- Melkai Scavenger, Melkai Thug (dark skin variant affected but sprite not implemented), and Melkai Ambusher (Light skin affected but sprite not implemented.)
- Sally.
-Enemies that change into fatter variants will not change back once the fat state is removed!
 -Enemies will not change or trigger fattening cutscenes at all while diet mode is enabled.

-The Discount Special item now works when used in battle, resulting in one of several random beneficial (or detrimental) effects. It is also no longer sellable.

-Added a couple of merfolk ferrymen to the Sand Swamp entrances post-Water Temple who will carry you straight to the other side for 20G a trip.
-Added a little sparkle effect to the entrance to Esther's Nook in Blightwood West, which should make it a little easier to locate.
-Added more fish drops to common water based enemies such as Melkai and Merfolk. These drop rates aren't huge but mean you can now farm most fish by grinding mobs if you really need to (Having Vespa in the party will speed up that process :D )

-Added a Fanart Showcase journal to DeviantArt. See above for the link~


-The Fat state now lasts for 4-5 turns rather than 2.

-Reduced the number of events on the map in the Tent. This should help it run a bit better on some devices.
-Tweaked a couple of spots on the world map:
-Shrunk Yarabaranaralapara Island down to a more accurate size on the world map.
-Also made the world map cloudier :3
-Added a few more tiny cosmetic details to Khur.

-Increased Data Scramble's MP cost from 1 to 4.


-Fixed the snake oil quest not resolving properly. (This change isn't retroactive but you're only missing a 50 exp reward and the cosmetic effect of the quest being completed in the log, so bear with it for playthroughs where you've already finished the quest.)

-Bum Rush is now classified as a Physical Attack rather than a Certain Hit, meaning it should no longer bypass counterattack states. Rage Burst, which is meant to bypass these states, should continue to do so.

-Fixed a few tiny bugs pertaining to specific characters' faces not showing up when talking to them sometimes.

-Fixed a pig in the Grunk Inn spoiling the entire demonic invasion by calling it before they arrive.

-Removed a few excess events from the world map screen in the tent. This should help it run smoother.
-Fixed Clark's dialogue in the tent post-Skazili looping where it shouldn't. Also fixed not being able to talk Clark into making bombs post-Skazili.

-Fixed the NPC traveling from the second dock in Costa Del Nyan getting stuck on the new decorations.
-You can no longer use the ferry from Costa Del Nyan while already in a boat (it's been blocked off to avoid resultant buggery.)
-Fixed being able to enter the Cat's Cradle from the patio, thereby triggering a softlock if the scene between Claire, Vespa, and Leslie occurs.
-Fixed Anya's gift changing into different things when selected from different angles while in Anya's house.
-Fixed the relic chest in the Del Nyan Caves Fork changing chest sprites when opened.
-Lani and Nell's sprites while in the Del Nyan Spa have been switched up to be more consistent.

-Fixed up the Grinning Demon's Brig a bit so that you can enter the cells after meeting Vespa, though there's not much to do in them.
-Fixed the rain from Kalvarr Prison following you across Imperium if you visit once the Demonology Library reopens.

-Fixed Ferra handing out the wrong quest in the Magma Tunnel. She'll now properly give you the Scarring Flame quest, which will be finishable in the next update.

-Fixed Arci joining the party for the training fight with Vico in Bablo's Dojo after she's awoken, rather than leaving it.

-Natasha's character card will now appear when you meet her again in Windrush Canyon after rescuing her from the Thundercrag.

-Made it much harder to outrun the Knight of Westhaven's jump routine upon first entering the Highlands, thus hopefully making it impossible to glitch him out.
-Fixed a minor bug in the Tallard Barn where reexamining most hay piles would bring up the Yes/No prompt twice.
-Fixed being able to walk normally on some ice tiles in the Air Temple. You should slide around properly now.

-Fixed Cedric piping up when the Velocidon Alpha attacks in the Dune Forest if he hasn't joined the party.
-Fixed one of the angels not flying away like she should if you choose not to intervene on behalf of the vampire in Blightwood's Entrance.
-Fixed being able to walk on a few spots in Blightwood like the top of the Rotwald Gate and some parts of the dried-up riverbed.
-Fixed Clark ending up sitting on the arm of the couch in Esther's Home when you bring her a second helping of wisp residue.
-Fixed some out of place bubbles blocking off a few chests in the Devil's Nest.

- -

Patch 0.4.6 to 0.4.0: The Flower Patch: Axugaem2 V 0.4.1 Patch Notes

- -

Axugaem2 is (c) Me. For full credits, please see the text files in the game's folder.
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Rezom's avatar

How do the enemys get fatter?

Axlwisp's avatar

Take Abby to the inn in Crabshoot Bay and talk to the blonde singer. This will trigger a quest chain that ends with Elmira joining the party. Her adipomancy skill is the one that fattens enemies!

is there an estimated time for when the iron guy competition will have retrys cuse im stuck there and ive already grinded alot without knowing that there is no current redo

Axlwisp's avatar

I'm working on it for the next major update, which will hopefully drop some time in August!

MrMatts's avatar

Hey, i think im stuck in the water temple? I tried to focus on the main quest, did some puzzles in the temple but now there is a phoneix block that i cant break? and i cant find anything else that i need to do? and now i cant go back to the main island

Axlwisp's avatar

The temple can be confusing. Try to retrace your steps and double-check every area you can find. Make sure you've ridden all the geysers up to the higher floors and set the bridge items down in the spaces between the islands on the first floor of the temple.

MrMatts's avatar

turns out i was blind and didnt see a ladder, thanks for help lol! but ive stumbled onto another problem- im now in that air elemental village in the skies (WARNING SPOILERS)

im like 2 nights in and the outbreak(?) happend, the problem is that when i chase after (forgot the name) that run from the cell to the farm and enter the building, he is just standing still and starts hopping when i interact with him, i dug in the hay bale, got the key, BUT when i leave the building the normal music starts playing, the red hue dissapears but when i go back to the main hall i see the guy jump into the waterfall again, and i cant go anywhere, telling me i have to go chase after him even tho i did, did i miss something?? i dag thru other hay bale and i do see the hanging rope but i cant interact with that, and after grabbing the key from the hay bale the guy still keeps jumping

Axlwisp's avatar

Use the key on the mushroom hut and go inside there! The rest sounds like a bug so I'll have to fix all that.

MrMatts's avatar

there is a mushroom hut? didnt know about that, but ill look around for it, thanks for help

edit: just started up the game, i have the mushroom key but i cant find the hut, unless its the mushroom next to other plants, but it only says "i wonder what this mushroom is doing here" (or something similar) i cant leave the village as it tells me to go after the guy, but i can go up to the broken bridge, am i locked? or did i just not find the right mushroom?

Axlwisp's avatar

It's just the small house across the pond from the farm in Westhaven. Should be right next to the guy with the dog!

MrMatts's avatar

Oh thats the mushroom hut?- and here i was looking for an actual mushroom

MrMatts's avatar

Im pretty sure i Did but ill try again

hi, i love your game is one of the best i have played but i never knew how to fatten the characters could you give me a hint about that

Axlwisp's avatar

If you give Abby and Vespa enough treats from a certain snake, they'll gain some weight!

CrazySonic00's avatar

dunno why but i have a weird feeling that mole girl want to know what it like carry half demons in her womb...

Where is the Meidafire link? Whenever I use MEGA it causes my browser to crash.

Axlwisp's avatar

Ah, sorry! The site ate the file the first time I tried uploading it, and I forgot to reupload. The link is there now though!

I've played the game for a bit and it has great dialogue but the difficulty spike in the lava section and boss is WAY too drastic

Axlwisp's avatar

Glad you like the dialogue! Do you mean the lava district? Is the spike due to more enemy encounters or just more difficult enemies? I've been working on making that part specifically less of a slog, so any feedback is helpful!

Yes I do mean the lava district.

First, just reporting that some non-magma blocks damage the player when stepped on.

I think the encounter rate is fine but the combination of the health that enemies have and damage they deal is too high when you're this early in the game without many healing items other than that one grok pig.

Axlwisp's avatar

Alright, noted, thanks! Are any specific enemies more of a problem than others, or do they all just feel too strong across the board?

I think the main problems are the boss and those orange archer things. These are the big ones where the other enemies only make it worse instead of creating a new problem

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