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Axugaem (Version 1.0)

Character  Axi (Axuverse)Location  Axuverse
If you're interested in a canon, non fan-based game that's a pseudo-sequel to this one, check out Axugaem2, which is in development right now! 
NEW! Axugaem 2 Demo V. 0.3.1 (Downloadable RPG) by Axlwisp


- Fixed the Flooded Ruins not actually taking your money
- Fixed a few minor bugs that allowed you to walk in shadows on mountainsides.
- Fixed Claire not having a sprite
- Fixed numerous visual bugs after the final boss fight.
- Removed the clock ticking from the slot machine minigame and made it slightly less inconvenient to walk to it after every spin.


- Added a few extra encounters to the Holy Binder Club and a new piece of armour.
- Added a code machine in the JnA Pub. Now you can use codes you get throughout the game to unlock random stuff!~
- Made the final boss a bit more difficult.


:bulletpink: Download Axugaem here:
 I am in the process of providing three links below to reduce traffic issues. They all lead to the same file.
Link 1:…
Link 2:…
Link 3: 
:bulletpink: Download the proper RunTime Package (VX, not VX ace) here:…

To play: download, extract, click the unicorn chess piece icon called 'game', enjoy.
Controls are: Z= select.
X= Open Menu, exit menus, back button
Shift= hold to run (important, considering some sections will be timed)
F1 = Opens a basic options menu for things like fullscreen, sound control, and gamepad configuration (yep, this works with a controller)

I couldn't encrypt the files, so... unless you want massive spoilers, don't stray from the main folder when you open it up to play the game. 


:bulletred: Q: What is this?
:bulletgreen: A: Axugaem is an RPG made using RPG Maker VX. It's non-canon, or set in an alternate universe/timeline, depending on how you want to think about it. It's sort of similar to Final Fantasy if you aren't very familiar with the RPG genre.

:bulletred: Q: Is it free?
:bulletgreen: A: Yep. Just download it via the link above and you're good to go.

:bulletred: Q: Does it have bellies/NSFW stuff?
:bulletgreen: A: There are quite a few belly-centric scenes throughout the game, so best of luck finding those. As for NSFW, it's certainly not explicit or graphic. Worst you'll find in here are some implied vore scenes, burp sound effects, and a few sprites with bellies~

:bulletred: Q: Will you be putting it on Steam Greenlight or anything?
:bulletgreen: A: Nope. The soundtrack isn't mine and some of the characters are based on existing franchises, so this is considered a noncommercial fan project. I'm not going to make any money off it.

:bulletred: Q: Who the hell is that red chick with the blue hair?
:bulletgreen: A: Play the game and find out~

:bulletred: Q: Will there be a walkthrough of some sort?
:bulletgreen: A: I won't be making one, but I have friends who have stated there interest in doing so. For now, feel free to comment below if you're stuck anywhere. Someone should be able to help you~

:bulletgreen: A: If you gave Anya's File to Nell, you can't play the minigame... unless you have another file. Try entering the cabinet code you receive in world 2 into the code machine in Axuguu Town if you traded away your file~ And let me hear no more of this

Axugaem is (c) Me
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hey I am having a glitch where the sprite is always facing north, I can still move in all directions but I can't interact with anything south, east, or west of me.

So I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this, and if anyone knew what caused it, and how to stop it.

The answer is probably somewhere in these comments, but I don't feel like scrolling for to hours soooo.....

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We can probably troubleshoot it depending on how much you remember about the glitch. Any idea on which map it began?

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Hello! Just wanted to say I loved this game! Despite being really old, your art still holds up in it and it was actually quite a challenge. Now that I've completed the game, I'm interested in knowing a few things.

  1. What are all the codes you implemented into the game? I've already got one (the one you get after completing the game the first time), but I've yet to find anymore or the code for safe on the X-Crew's ship

  2. There's a random chest In front of the pyramid in the pigmen village next to Guscorp with no obvious ways to get it. Anything. I have to do to get it?

  3. I saw in the files that Hazel has a second Smish move, which is green. I'm wondering how you get that.

At the moment, those are my only real questions. If you're at all comfortable with answering them, I'd appreciate it a ton. I'll be sure to play through the second game when I've found all there is to the first.

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Hey, thank you! It's really nice to hear you like the old art and didn't mind the difficulty!

  1. A lot of the codes for the machine are duplicates of codes you get for other things in-game! This includes the combinations for the cabinet in world 2 and Elmira's safe in world 5. I think I put in one or two easter egg codes, but I can't recall what they are!

  2. Drop down from the sluice in the sky in world 4! You can jump in the water at the bottom of that map to do so, I believe.

  3. That's a tricky one, but it's probably high time I give a hint there! It's in the top-right of the desert map outside Partch City in world 5. Because this map loops, you'll have to hang a straight right from where the ship is parked and look for a cluster of trees. There's a secret entrance to another map there, where you can bring Hazel and, if she knows the Smish invocation, get a new second version!

Thank you again for playing and expressing interest, and I hope you enjoy Axu2 as well whenever you get to it!

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did you forget to post this on

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Nah, I'm just not comfortable doing so due to all the copyrighted material used in this game. It wouldn't be right to make money off of it in that regard.

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you could just have it listed for no money, I don't exactly see people lining up to donate to you.

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Where do I get the last remaining 2 cards for my binder?

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Are there any enemies that drop Glowstone Dusts?

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Where do I find the Ender Pearls?

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Endermen drop them starting in world 2

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I like how with the Nether update the pigmen are cannon lol.

Also Creep mimic best mob fight me.

I'm stuck on world 2 because I can't find any loose tracks and it doesn't seem like there are any chests it could be in.

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If you've recruited Linda, check the door she came out of in the spa

Wait Nvm I just did, thanks for helping.

I haven't yet

Hey bro there is an error that when the game starts makes the protagonist go to the left

how do you solve world 1? im stuck

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Where in W1 are you?

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Man, This game is still entertaining, and longer than over 70% of the games in my library. I've spent over 100 hours on this. The most fascinating part? I still have not found every card yet. This was fun.

Edit: Nvm found it. Still took longer than expected. The Club was a letdown, but at least I finally finished the game 100%! IGN 7/10

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Two things:

I'm really enjoying your game. I'm playing it on my android using JoiPlay ( and it works great.

I've just beaten the second world and I got the Cold Room Key. I went back to the GC Corp and walked around but couldn't find a place to put the key. Am I looking in the wrong place?

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The cold room key is for Gusbuster base in world one, aka Carrie's house! Also thank you for letting me know about JoiPlay! I get a lot of people asking about compatibility for other devices but I'm not very familiar with that area, so info like this helps quite a bit!

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why does the game doesnt saved my data after i saved, when i logged back in the game it gone

did i do something wrong ?

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