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Nightriders 2021 background by BlueMario1016
The Knight, The Samurai and The Nightriders by AxlReigns
[Request] Mac Manson by FitBunny
The Crossbone Chronicles anime logo JP-EN by BlueMario1016
Reptiles and other cold bloods
Return of The King by KanjiRyokun
Img 20210507 140555422 by djdannie
Azahara and Felix by Bellumsaur
Foxfire by KanjiRyokun
Mammals and other warm bloods.
(AT) Becky and the Secret Agents by TheEnderToonist
It's All Your Fault Ch.5 page 43 by Randomthewolfskie
Think Jawson Think! (Preview) by NadleehWolfDragon000
Wolf's Story Ch.10 page 39 by Randomthewolfskie
Maxim - Ref-sheet by Mate397
180321 by Korteh
Captain Carnivore (NMW Wrestler) by AxlReigns
Collab: Broken Duo by JomoOval
Working at Hogs Burgers by JJMCC-Studios
Eye of Valor: Character #1 Emperor Firemane by JJMCC-Studios
Eye of Valor: Character #1 Xian Hanomi by JJMCC-Studios
Eye of Valor Art: Spring to Action by JJMCC-Studios
Mixed Species
Cassidy vs Liara - Exchanging punches by mysticx1
Boxing Bunny vs Roadrunner by Jose-Ramiro
Bday - nintendolover2010 by Jose-Ramiro
Rosana, Irene and Sergei vs Drako's Minions by X-distroyer
Eyes on the Seas by TMNTAngel
Wild Wolf preview by AaronThomason
It's All Your Fault Ch.5 page 41 by Randomthewolfskie
It's All Your Fault Ch.5 page 40 by Randomthewolfskie
Komodo jack(prototype design) by NadleehWolfDragon000
The Girl On Fire by NadleehWolfDragon000
Popular characters from Movies, Shows Books
Screenshot Redraw: Thomas O'Malley by GoldDracat
Anthro Mufasa and Simba by GoldDracat
Rise of Weregarurumon by BlueMario1016
UMMNP - Colleen's Love by BlueMario1016
Video Game Characters
Wrestling Bowsette vs Bowser by Jose-Ramiro
Request 6 - Sexy Teacher Toriel by Thelightsmen
Request 5 - Cuphead by Thelightsmen
Request 4 - Susie Deltarune by Thelightsmen
Dragon Design Auction #15 [CLOSED] by Trioza
Insects and Arachnoids
Inktober '19 Day 3: Bait by evosthunder


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NadleehWolfDragon000 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, what happened to the discord gang?

so...the discord gang is actually very inactive ...seems peopel have kidna lost the passion they used to have there
AxlReigns Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
I decided to finally go ahead and removed the link. The discord is no longer in use but the group's still very much alive. 
NadleehWolfDragon000 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 12, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just ? Well I’m jsut Glad for  a explanation ;)
AxlReigns Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Personal reasons. B-) 
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Geni-Tamerlaine Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2020
Figured I would advertise this here since it DOES have something to do with the Nightriders but I am looking for someone who would be interested in helping me to bring a story idea to life I have regarding them with two of my characters. I know this is a long-shot but I'm desperate. I hope I can get someone interested. >_<
NadleehWolfDragon000 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So...I happened to be lookign at this offer 
Geni-Tamerlaine Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2021
This is the post right here that you replied to though I know it was a long while ago and circumstances probably changed but when you said you didn't reply to this and didn't know what I was talking about I went and found this.
Geni-Tamerlaine Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2020
I might have already gotten somebody but if that falls through I will definitely message you and see if you are still interested. Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems like whenever I finally find one person another person also shows up. >_<
Randomthewolfskie Featured By Owner May 15, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The "Comics" folder is full
Could someone make another one? :0
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