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aXL99 - Business Cards

[Just so people know, I'm actually showing double-sided business cards. The first two from the left are back to back, as are the last two XD.]

This is my poor attempt at graphic design in making designer-whorish business cards. Typography gave me a serious headache LOL.

I'm scrambling to get some more work done but for now these will have to do until I come up with something better down the line.
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do you do outside layout work? hit me up
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Your work has been featured in the SPECIAL big Text Art issue! :#1:: [link]
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Looks great ^^ I like the first set better though. You can never go wrong with red and black... and a dash of white :D
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Coolness! I love the one with the little lizard! ^_^
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Apparently everyone at Otakon did. It ran out the quickest XD~!!
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This work has been featured in a news article: [link] !
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Hahah, thanks man!
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I think it'd be a better idea to use your one on the right. Just having text and colors, regardless of how good your design is, if you have created another choice that incorporates your art somehow, the choice with the art will almost always be superior.

Employers will be able to associate your cute little drawing and remember "Oh, yeah, this person did this and this art." As opposed to your first one, the employer may forget and they'd have to recheck your website.

What happens if they don't care to recheck it?

It would be better if they immediately remembered your work because of your little drawing.

This is only one example as to why it would be better.
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I love the 3rd one. I like that touch of humour with the 'RAWR' sign. :giggle:
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I think these are awesome desgisn. And yes, the 2 on the right seem to reflect your style the best.
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Nice designs. Those cards are certainly unique and very colorful. They perfectly describes your line of work.
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I like the last pair XD The first one reminds me of speed racer.. *run
axl99's avatar
lol @ speedracer.
Strayfish's avatar
That dinosaur thing reminds me of Stitch. So cute! :D
FeyPhilosophy's avatar
Very sharp...I think they'll do you well!
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I think those are a very solid, modest presentation of yourself. They're nowhere as blatant as many other artists' business cards, they're -nice- on the eyes. The sort of card you take out to look at every once in a while simply because it looks -good-... and I believe if you offered business card design as an actual service, many people would approve of it.
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poor attempt? that's bs. those are great! first and last are the best sides imo.
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I kind of like pairing #3 with one of the other more "straitlaced ones". It's like you can put the "straight" side up forward when meeting people you don't quite know well and then flipping it over like a secret handshake at the cool people XD

Do you design cards for others btw?
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I've never done graphic design work before as it wasn't anywhere in my realm of expertise [I come from an animation background XD]. Because I'm not all that confident about emulating all the trendy designery stuff out there, I tend to just concentrate on the basics. Minimalism all the way.
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Minimalism is trendy :)
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btw, where are you planning to print em?
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At first I was gonna just print at Staples because it's like a 20 min walk away from my place, but considering how badly I was screwed over on my cards during AN I was like "LOL no."

I'm asking a friend's friend's friend who owns a private printing house to help me out for this weekend XD.
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