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Lady Knight speedpaint

By axl99
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A speedpaint of a female knight for funz.
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I love her soft expression
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the armor kinda reminds me of ebony armor from skyrim. very pretty
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That is fantastic. Great to see realistic armor instead of bikini mail. Textures are beautiful and the expression on her face is great as well.
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Nice expression. Lighting is also pretty sweet.
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I love the design of the armor here?
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That was supposed to be an exclamatioj point
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I love it.
Highly practical armor (with non-inhibiting decorations) that actually looks protective.
The lady knight herself is neither excessively beautiful nor too thin to bear the weight of her armor. She has a very solid look to her. She's pretty, certainly, but not an airbrushed fake.

Delightful :D
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She reminds me of Aveline.  Very nice, I love the lighting! XD
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This makes me so happy, thanks a lot for drawing a women with a face who doesn't have the perfect nose, eyes, proportions, ect. and is actually wearing legit armour. :D
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A woman in properl armor!! Yay finaly!!
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Almost a split image of my Dragon Age RPG character I play, who is called Jehnna. If the hair had been a dark blonde instead of auburn/red, then this would have been her lol! :D
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Beautifully rendered, love the small details in the filigree and lighting.
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Extremely well done, gah I'm out of words. Everything fits here - the setting, the character design; simply splendid.
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Women knights are the best when decked out in full armor.
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Wow, a real lady with real armor! :D
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I love her face, actually - the entire painting's beautiful, but there's something about the face that totally breaks the mold of ye standard female knight pinup. Something refreshingly relatable.

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Omg .. that's beautiful! O_O
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I love her face. :)
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Really great use of light rays. And I'm totally digging the the gold etchings along the armor. Great job.

What would be this characters main weapon?
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Judging from the fit of the plates she looks like a classic Late Medieval chevalier, so I'm probably going to guess she favors the common tools of her time, as typified by the martial arts supposedly developed by Liechtenauer:…

That might have deviations into maces, hammers, and other fun tools, but the main branch of sword/lance/etc was common for a reason.
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