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April 11, 2010
FFXIII:VS -Noctis Lucis Caelum by =axl99
The suggester wrote:
"This is one of the most amazing recent pieces I've seen in a couple months! The perspective is amazing, your eye is drawn all over the piece and it's so dynamic. The photoshop colouring is spectacular and you can really tell the artist took days on it. Absolutely amazing piece!"
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FFXIII:VS -Noctis Lucis Caelum

:star: Walkthrough found here -…


This by far has got to be the most detail-intensive illustration I've done. The foreshortening on the arms and the design on the swords were the most difficult parts of the image.

Those of you who popped by the livestream sessions know just how much I OCD'ed on them.

The fact that there weren't any good refs of the weapons Noctis used didn't help, but at least I got to improvise a little using shape tools.

I'm happy how this turned out.
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
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Though I'm not a fan of the Final Fantasy series, but this piece really gives a whole new meaning to the Final Fantasy saga. The one thing that caught my attention when I saw this was the whole thing. Apart from the fact that this took her a lot of time and effort to get to this result really proves that she knows exactly what she's doing (no doubt about it).

Another good thing about this piece is the weapons itself. Though she couldn't find any actual weapon references and had to improvise using shape tools, overall the weapons turned out to be more innovative and creative simultaneously.

Again, goes back to what I said earlier: she knows exactly what she is doing.
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This looks amazing, the detail is fantastic and the shading is near perfect. I love it.
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This is sooooo badass it's not even real O.o
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That's alot of Swords!!!! xD
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this is really really amazing
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wow! strong pose!
I have to admit that this is cool, specially the effects X3
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cool!! Please make a Lightning x Noctis pict!
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rly great job with this piece!
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Really Great picture I love what you did with the swords and the foreshortening looks amazing, how did you make the summoning circle thingy in the background. :)
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hmmm moctis kinda looks like cloud from ff X11 like differentr hair colour different sword and different cloths but really very similiar.
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*drool* so epic....
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wow o____o
It's so amazing
beautifully done <3
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This sure is a sight to behold! I'm still having problems with drawing bodies in perspective, especially with this foreshortening thing. This picture of you ended up great-looking and your DD was sure well-deserved! Late congrats for it! :D
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This is too cool for words =D
The detail is immense O.o How long did this take?
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It's been a while so I can't remember exactly how long it took to finish. Roughly 9-12 hours, maybe?
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Really? That's pretty quick. It would have taken me years to finish it, with all the incredible detail and the huge variety of colours used.
Awesome job! ^^
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Fucking awesome dude
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heads up theres a cloud of sharp instruments heading your way!

i love those flying weapons haven't seen anything like this before its a very cool scene
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