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not my art, but I have permission!!
Carrion is my teifling pact of the hexblade warlock. she carries a flametongue longsword. she is a blade warlock. her incocations are devilssight, potent cantrip (lets eldritch blast do plus cha mod damage), and improved pact weapon (from xanthars. it basically lets my create bows and crossbows as a pact weapon)
she is an outlander, and she collects most trinkets. as a normal warlock she has a pact with an otherworldly being, pact magic (will be explained later), eldritch invocations, pact boon, and the tough feat. as a pact of the hexblade she has the following skills: expanded spell list, hexblade's curse, and hex warrior.
her spells are: eldritch blast, poison spray, wrathful smite, branding smite, shatter, and elemental weapon. 
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