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Nezumi X Vzark [Transcending Zenith] by AxisofDestruction Nezumi X Vzark [Transcending Zenith] by AxisofDestruction
A rather favorite pair of mine, with Nezumi's rather abnormal personality providing plenty of quirks to feed off of Vzark's easily embarrassed nature. Thanks to BrookeKohaku21 for lineart as always.

A random moment between the two:

Kagerou charges with an absolutely powerful punch straight at him.

"Fuck my life." Vzark shakes his head and charges back, punching Kagerou square as well.

Just as both punches are about to land, Nezumi appears between them, and kicks them both with a split kick in mid air straight in the jaws. She then walks up to Vzark with the cat on her head, and lightly sits on his stomach, looking into his eyes.

"You two done having a playdate?" She asks with her usual expression.

Vzark seems absent for a good eight seconds the moment he is kicked. He lifts his head up, looking back towards her. " wasn't a playda- okay, nevermind. Yeah, I think..I think we're done here." He looks to the cat before double taking back down to Nezumi, a bit flustered. "Uh..Nezumi? I uh...kinda need you to get off...maybe."

She doesn't move for a moment, then deliberately moves her face closer, the expression not changing.


He clearly tenses up a bit, seeming nervous. "..No reason, no reason at all..." His face turns red, taking a deep breath. 

"Here's my present for the kitten." She abruptly kisses him on the forehead, then leaps up and kicks Kagerou in the head so hard his head gets buried in the ground, then runs off in a skip, cat in tow.

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September 9, 2017
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