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if you noticed it, i haven't putted some new stuff on my gallery since ....( i don't remember ) ! the cause : i quitted some of my activities that i practiced and published on deviantart, and i turned to another complete hobby : MUSIC !
After discovering some great records, i wondered how can a person making some great songs and not be a genius ?! started doing my own stuff, and finally choosing : Music Production !
so maybe this can kill some hopes for some deviants ! maybe really just a few of them are waiting for me to put some work ! but sorry guys, i'm not planning to do that !
So, thank you all ! i really liked the time i spend here on DA-, switchin' between galleries and daily deviations ! you gave me inspiration, hope, confidence, and a place in this world, i wish i left a good impression of me, and made change in you , here ! even if it's a very little a small tiny change, i will appreciate it !
i thank you all !
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