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I've just opened my patreon page for paintings and fanarts at

I will be showing painting time lapses, high res images and PSDs with my patrons.
I will post lower res versions at Deviantart for free, as always.

So, If you like my work I would really appreciate your support.


Thanks for reading and hope to see you in patreon :)

Hey guys (or the couple of people who watch me hehe!), I worked on a cover for "Domino Lady Threesome" #1 from Moonstone Books and it's out this may (if you would like to pre-order it or telling your local comic shop it would be great).

For anyone wanting to see it (the cover at least) it was featured in Bleeding Cool here:…
Hi everyone.

My Wife and I are raising some money so we are offering our "Artist Exclusive sketchcards" for a very low price.
We are retiring from the sketch card world for quite a while so our last set will be Cryptozoic's "Dc's new 52 set"

Check the following link to see the ones we have available, if you are interested please send me a Note.…
I have a question regarding the "Dr Martin's Bleed proof white" product and kind of need help with it.

Back when I made a course with Joe Kubert I received a Dr Martin's white to use over the inks to fix mistakes and create effects but it kind of disappeared and I had to buy another one recently since I wanted to try my hand at inking again.

But the "thing" I received is kind of weird, it doesn't stick to the brush so it's quite difficult to apply, and when I apply it is kind of oily (and it's well stirred). What's worse is that when i try to reapply ink to cover it the ink won't stick, it dries the ink almost instantly but it becomes like a crust that wont stay over the white product and most of the time the crust get stuck to the brush as it's being applied.
It also damaged a brand new prismacolor pen as soon as it touched the Dr Martin white product on a page (and the white was dry from the day before)

It's been several years since I used the product but I can't remember it being like that, i actually remember a totally different experience with it.

How do I know if I got a damaged product?, or Dr. Martin's bleed proof white works like that and I'm doing something wrong?

I wont be trying another Dr Martin product until i know whats going on, but was also wondering what other product can be used to cover ink (with white) to fix mistakes and make effects?.
Hey, I just updated my commission Information, if you are interested the details can be seen here:…

Also, if anyone is interested in some of my "Artist Exclusive" Sketch Cards as well as those from :icongyanax:, you can see the ones we have available here:…
:icongyanax: y yo :iconaxigan: les invitamos a acompañarnos en el Súper Evento del año "Superhéroes (Convención de Fanáticos)", tendremos para tí nuestras creaciones más populares y podrás vernos dibujar en vivo los personajes más emblemáticos de los comics!

Fecha: Sábado 12 y Domingo 13 de noviembre 2011.
Lugar: Salón Automotriz Siglo 21 al frente del C.C. Millenium Los Dos Caminos, Caracas.
Horario: 9:00 am a 8:00 pm.

Más información:…

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Sat Sep 10, 2011, 1:20 AM
Today Toysrevil announced my piece as the winner of the "A Steampunk perspective #1" contest. You can't imagine how happy I am right now :D
You can check about it here:…

You can also see the other contestant pieces and vote for another winner in a public vote trough this link:…


Hoy Toysrevil anunció mi pieza como el ganador del concurso "A Steampunk perspective #1".
Pueden ver y leer más en este link:…

También pueden ver las otras piezas participantes y votar por otro ganador en voto público a través de este link:…

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Hey, the piece i made for the second "I ♥ MUNNY" contest was pre-selected today... anyone can vote for it at the link (no registration required)…

(to vote, just press on "seleccionar" then go to the top pannel where it says "Pre seleccionados I ♥ MUNNY" and click on "votar" then they'll ask your name and email and click on "OK(or votar)" and that's it)

You can vote for more than one at the same time so you can vote for my wife's :icongyanax: munny as well since she was also pre-selected ^^
you can select her piece at this link:…

Tell your friends to vote for our pieces too :D!!


WOOHOO, mi pieza "STEAMbob" del 2do concurso I ♥ MUNNY fue pre-seleccionado hoy... pueden votar por mi pieza en el link:…
(no se aprecia en la foto pero el interior se ilumina :D)

Pasos para votar (no sirve solo presionar en seleccionar)
.-Hay que presionar en "Seleccionar" en cada Munny……

.-luego van a donde dice "Pre-seleccionados I♥Munny" (está arriba) y seleccionan "Votar"
.-colocan su nombre y correo electrónico y le dan a votar ^^

Mi esposa :icongyanax: también fue pre-seleccionada y pueden votar por ella aquí (se puede votar por mas de uno al mismo tiempo así que no hay problema):…

Pasen la voz y voten por nuestras piezas!! ^^

¡Sip! Vendo la materia prima para la creación de figuras artísticas, totalmente recomendada por nosotros :icongyanax: y yo.
Si quieres hacer figuras con un maravilloso acabado porcelanizado y un color piel perfecto esta es la masilla ideal. Se trabaja igual que el Sculpey pero con la gran ventaja de que las superficies quedan perfectas y lisas sin marcas de huellas digitales.

Cada arcilla es diferente y esta es especial para hacer los detalles más delicados.
Puedes ver el producto en Mercado Libre… hay disponibles 6 bloques de 500gr.

Próximamente tendremos más a disposición.
I just got my "Mixtape" Artist Exclusives yesterday and wanted to announce they are for sale along with my 4 PUPS and 4 Zombies vs Cheerleaders AE sketchcards.

The Artist Exclusives are the sketchcards we artists receive in the form of payment from the card companies and is the only way we make money for our work on the sets, so they are of higher value than the regular sketchcards found in the sets and are marked with a golden or metallic AE mark on the back by the manufacturer.

Im selling them for 50$ each, they include free shipping and a free sticker or book marker.

Here you can see my 3 Mixtape Sketchcards…

Here you can see my 4 PUPS sketchcards…

The 4 Zombies vs Cheerleaders are blanks, so i can create custom pieces.

And here you can see the free stickers or book markers i mentioned…

If interested, please note me or send me an email to:     axigan yahoo .com      (remove the spaces)
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.-"Someone once asked a famous painter how long it took to complete a painting. His response was "25 years." It is not just the amount of time it takes to actually build a piece, it is also the years of work needed to attain the necessary skills and tools."-.
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"2 sin par" estará presente en la convención mundo otaku "Shin OSECON" este 3, 4 y 5 de septiembre en el Aeródromo Francisco de Miranda, antiguamente conocido como AEROPUERTO LA CARLOTA (Chuao a 2 Cuadras del ccct).

¡Vén y disfruta de un momento diferente!!

¡Somos únicos, somos soñadores, artístas por siempre!!! "2 sin par" :iconaxigan: & :icongyanax:
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Hey I just uploaded my entry for the time traveller's guide challenge. You can read (and vote for it) through the link im posting here:…


Acabo de montar mi entrada para el concurso de comic que trata sobre una "guía de como viajar en el tiempo para tontos", lo pueden leer aquí (y si quieren pueden votar también ^^)…
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Ok nobody asked me, but i thought I do it anyway ^^

I just posted on my blog about how i go creating the Dirt Vex pages, Is not a tutorial, its more about how i work.

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Well, i made several changes to my main sites, I added a new sub-page for "Viva la Ladillita"'s flyff comic and also created a blog dedicated to my PLUDOZ figures.

So Im taking this opportunity to tell the big news, im selling the PLUDOZ PIGs and PUGs trough paypal with free shipping worldwide, for more information you can go to the main site here:

And Today the PLUDOZ where showcased at the Toysrevil site... never expected it to be so fast so im very happy ^^…
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CANVAS! Studio se complace en invitarlos a la mega convención "Caracas Comic Con", estaremos ubicados en "El Rincón de los Artistas" junto con :icongyanax: :iconbdr2e37: :iconarehime: :iconraynnergil: :iconaxigan: artistas asombrosos los cuales compartiremos un stand donde estaremos promocionando nuestro arte y vendiendo afiches, esculturas, tasas, y diversas obras totalmente originales.

Les invito a que visiten cada una de nuestras páginas y echen un vistazo de lo que estaremos mostrando este 5,6 y 7 de Marzo 2010.

Lugar: CIEC Centro Internacional de Exposiciones Caracas, Universidad Metropolitana, Urb. Terrazas del Ávila, Caracas, Venezuela. TRANSPORTE GRATIS desde el Metro La California Fecha: 5,6 y 7 de marzo 2010. Horario: 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

-------------- ENGLISH --------------

CANVAS! Studio is pleased to invite you to the mega convention "Caracas Comic Con"
We will be located at the "artists corner" with :icongyanax: :iconbdr2e37: :iconarehime: :iconraynnergil: :iconaxigan:, great artists with whom we will be sharing a stand promoting our art and selling posters, sculptures, cups and many diverse pieces of art completle original.

I invite you to take a look at these artists work and to take a look at what we are going to be showing at the convention this 5,6 and 7th of March.
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CONARTE DE VENEZUELA - CORREO CULTURAL ha publicado una entrevista hecha a nosotros "Ana Sanchez (:icongyanax:) and Glen Fernandez :iconaxigan:" relacionado a nuestro trabajo artístico como creadores de figuras, nos sentimos muy honrados y agradecidos, ¡Gracias por su apoyo!.
Pueden ver la entrevista en el siguiente…


CONARTE OF VENEZUELA - CULTURAL MAIL published an interview made to us "Ana Sanchez (:icongyanax:) and Glen Fernandez :iconaxigan:" related to our artistic job as figure creators, we feel Honored an grateful.
you can see the interview in the following… in SPANISH)
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We where kind of forced to move from our home in three days last week, since then we have been moving stuff and settling in with my mother in law, so artistically I haven't been able to do anything at all, I still need to find a comfortable place where I can draw at our new home.
Also the magazine I work for hasn't given me any work either and closed for vacations (it's odd because they only did it in December) so I feel I'm kind of walking on a VERY thin/fragile rope right now.

Anyway I also received news today about my "Viva la Ladillita" mini poster prints that are FINALLY online at Indy planet, if you have a couple of bucks to spare i would really appreciate the help by purchasing some of these posters ^^ (if you spread the word around ill really appreciate it).

Here are the links:………………………
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I just remodeled my blog to make it look less like a blog and a bit more "professional". Also created a Domain for it with the free .TK domain names, so i have my blog as (is not a .com, but it serves just the same)

Im not really much of a talker (i guess you already noticed that.. lol) but I also connected to Twitter, found it to be a good source of information and communication (though many people abuse it with stupid things).
Anyway here is my tweet link

Lastly I've been watching Otis Frampton :iconotisframpton: work live (really cool) and i got excited and made a few marker sketches, I must say im very happy with them (ill be posting those later this week).
I found that using prismacolor fine point markers on "opalina" boards (local paper brand) I can clean the pencil work and use regular prismacolor markers on top and it wont smear the inked lines. (so im very...VERY happy about it)

BTW, thanks everyone for all the faves and watches, I havent been keeping track and thank everyone individually.
So Thank you all.
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Hey, this week i got one of my works and one of my games featured in frontpage. Its the very first time i get something featured somewhere :D

I also took a couple of weeks off and built a model aircraft, i had to build 60% of it from scratch since its a very old and very cheap model ^^, havent been able to finish it because i dont have the propper paints yet, but its been cool to build something in plastic for a change.
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