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Sam and Max Dressup game

For those who played the Diskett version of "Sam And Max Hit the road" might remember the protection that consisted in dressing eiter Sam or Max, this was then dropped in the cd version (at least i dont remember seeing it in the cd version O_o.

Well, i just wanted to do a dress-up game and thought this would be nice.

The idea was to create a customizable card, but setting this up in php and the databases etc would drive me crazy and flash doesnt do a save area to disk... so you have to do a print screen :P.

Eitherway, play around with the few features i gave it.

Cheers and enjoy

BTW Sam&Max is property of Steve Purcell, S&M Hit the road and most of the images with the exception of the start screen are from Lucas Arts.
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Loved this game back in the 90s!   This is a cool little web-game.  You spent a ton of time on it, it looks like.
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Thank you, I did it with the little knowledge I had of flash, I couldn't figure how to add dynamic text to the balloons or how to save an image file at the end haha.
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Wowww, your a god, i could spend a lot of time of this xD
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Thank you. Now can I have your babies?!
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thank for sharing this!! I didn't play to dress them since long time ago!! ^^
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hey no problem, I had to make it since it was one of the coolest things of S&M and was kind of left forgotten :D.

Good old memories hehe ^^
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Great Game ^-^. Makes me want to play hit the road again.... *sigh*
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^___^ thank you.

Well, you can also play the new games from telltale games :]
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Yeah.... We finished them all:(... I want more...
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The dress up game was in the cd version.

And thanks for loading this, I needed a good laugh.
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yeah, I never noticed it was a game inside both versions (diskettes and cds), but the diskette version was the only one to use it as a copy protection feature, so i thought it was only a copy protection thing since i never played with it inside the game :P. ^^
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Hehe, this is cool. XD
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Hooray! You did a great job! :D

(I'm Sybil Pandemik on the tt forum)
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Thank you ^^
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omg! this is super awesome!
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Thank you ^^
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