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Maniac Mansion fanart

By Axigan
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This is a fanart i just finished from one of my most favorites games "Day of the Tentacle".

Maniac Mansion Day of the Tentacle is © Lucas Arts & Disney.
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© 2013 - 2021 Axigan
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I think the sentient talking tentacles were honestly the most creative part of the franchise. :)
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I agree completely.
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Love Bernard's pose : )
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Hehe, Thank you!
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Awesome drawing of them! Cool to see them again!
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I read somewhere that Laverne is Bernard's girlfriend. Think they ever got married? How did Hoagie's music career go, for that matter?
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Must have been wild fans expectations, Laverne was nothing more than one of his roommates, I never felt there was any chemistry between them to tell the truth.

For me, Hoagie wasn't the kind of guy that goes for it, so i think of him like the kind of people that lives by without trying to do or achieve much (even though extraordinary things happen to him), so his career would never go beyond the basic backstage help guy moving boxes and instruments around in a very lazy fashion. Now, the real musician would be the green tentacle since he had the band and the cool wild rock music ;), maybe Hoagie ended up being his backstage help guy.
Responding to your old post, I'm going to point out DotT's plot summary on IMDb calls Laverne Bernard's "med student girlfriend." Zedekial might have read it there or heard it from somebody who did. Here's the summary:…
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Anyone can write plot summaries in IMDb, so that makes it inaccurate and a wild fan assumption.
I know, just pointing it out.
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whoops. wrong name *facepalms*
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Actually, it's the right name, due to the fact that it's the sequel of Maniac Mansion : "Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle", check the WikiPedia's page.

Good work by the way ^^.
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ha ha I love Lorraine she has the best lines in the game
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hehehe :D.  Yeah, "Laverne" had the best moments in the game :)
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wow GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awesome work. I really like your fanart. As we're working on a Maniac Mansion remake (Meteor Mess) for several years, I'm happy to see that there are still so much fans out there.
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Thank you!!.

I'm a huge fan of the series and have been eagerly following both "Meteor Mess" and "Night of the meteor" remakes :D.
Currently we're searching for someone to help with a character sheet for Michael (all other playable characters are done). One of our 2D artists has left the team due to lack of time and the other artist is busy in doing sheets for the Edisons (Dr. Fred and Ed are finished ... Nurse Edna is next on the list). So if you are interested in helping with this last character sheet, you're very welcome :-) Those sheets are used as base for our 3D character modeler.
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I'm sorry, I can't commit to work on side projects that follow similar parameters from my main job, most of my free time I use it to paint pinups as a way to release stress from my main work.

Thanks for the invite though :).
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