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idleyez - 3D Logo

A 3D version of the original logo I created for idleyez.

You can view the original here: [link]

If you are interested in having me design a logo for your organization, you may contact me here: [link]
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really cool design
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Hey i was wondering if you can help my gaming team with logo. we were looking for like a call of duty kind of logo as well you can do what ever you want we dont care any logo is good from you. our name of our team is Active Gaming. Thank you.

P.S-my gmail to contact me-
Hi Axertion

I need help with a 3d logo.  How can I contact you?  Do you have a website?

- Joseph
Rottenburg's avatar
Hey! Axertion!

Can u make a nice logo to my Counter Strike clan?! :D
kenetix's avatar

Remember me? Been a longgggg time since the PHPNuke/CMS days. How're you doing man?

Just dropping by to say hi, glad to see you're still designing and keeping the passion!

Axertion's avatar
Of course I remember you ;)

Glad to see you're still around!

I've been pretty good. Been designing and developing for a company for the last few years. Learned a ton and just continuing to better myself through my experiences.

Are you going to be getting back into designing/developing? I'd be great to see someone from back in the day get back at it ;)

Me and a bunch of designers/developers that go back hang out mostly on the encide forums (it's a private invite-only forum we created for the people we know). If you ever want in just shoot me a PM with your email and I'll send you an invite.

Anyways, good hearing from you. Hope all is well :)
mf2013's avatar
I like your work
what about a logo project
I need my current logo to be redesigned
into 3D. Sci Fi genre

richardbaker's avatar
Really nice work
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
nice to see such a style from you again Axel :)
Axertion's avatar
Thank you, kind sir!
DarthAcey's avatar
Nice 50 shades of orange :D

Axe how would you go about making the colour look metallic? :)
Axertion's avatar
Thanks Acey :)

Gradient + Gradient + Set to Soft Light/Overlay. If you play around with this combination you'll eventually start seeing some metallic like textures. It's just a matter of overlaying, cutting and adjusting opacities to make it look good.
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
it's just lighting that gives that effect
timsilva's avatar
Love the transparency, missed this style. :)
Axertion's avatar
Yeah haha, it's been awhile. I've made a lot of stuff that I haven't posted to dA yet. I just have to clean up what I like and submit it :dance:
timsilva's avatar
Likewise. :) Can't wait to see your new stuff!
DarthAcey's avatar
What transparency? :o
Axertion's avatar
If you look closely, there is subtle transparency allowing some areas of the intersecting walls to show through. The floor of the logo and the walls are slightly visible ;)
RighTSounD's avatar
Amazing! I really like your 3D style, and until now your TCM logo was the best, but i'm pretty sure that is alot better!
Axertion's avatar
Haha yeah. The TCM logo is one of my favorites as well. Thank you for the kind remarks :)
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Awesome! What program do you use? I'm relatively new to Illustrator (been using it for a year) and I can't seem to get the lighting and color effects that you've achieved on this logo.
Axertion's avatar
Photoshop for the 3D versions (just using path bounded groups with effects inside).

Illustrator for the actual logo.

I posted a video on how I achieve the 3D Effect a long time ago here: [link]

Hopefully it gives you some insight on how I setup the perspectives and apply the effects :)
RighTSounD's avatar
I'm pretty sure he use photoshop on this one.
Though maybe he only vectored the shape in illustrator and then moved to photoshop.
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