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Zero Clan Logo

I'm really happy with this one :)

comments - favs - critiques, all very welcome!

Logo and the "Zero" text below was all custom pen tooled in Photoshop :faint:

View the template this logo is used in here: [link]
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I really love the way this logo flows. Its organic curves and sharp points create an interesting dynamic that just works. It's also not hard to imagine how well this logo might work in a single color application, such as a fax letterhead or embroidered materials.

In full color, it's got a "web2.0" appeal with the shiny, lighting effect. Nothing wrong with this, except to say that it's a little played out. But depending on what the client asked for, or what business sector they are in, it could also be completely appropriate. The only problem is this: Will something that looks web2.0 still look cool, modern, and current in 10 years? Maybe. Maybe not... I guess we'll see!

There is one thing I think could use a bit of work in order to improve this logo.I find that if you scale the logo down, the far corners of the "Z" seem to blend in to the swooshy thing. This could be corrected by making that empty space at a 45 degree angle slightly wider at both ends.

Overall, its a really neat logo that's fun to look at, and currently works pretty well in a web2.0 environment.
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thanks for the great critique. The logo was actually designed for a Gaming Organization so it fits perfectly fine into their needs.

The shines and effects are just something extra, The logo itself actually works as a flat vector so if the typical style changes in a few years, the style can be adjusted accordingly ;)

You're right about the scaling. I'm still learning the benefits of different techniques. One day I'll get it right in this area :P
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Awesome stuff dude! You can check out my work, I don't use bevel a lot, more just gradients and lighting effects.
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Wonderful work,
You can also find Free PSD Logo Templates renewed daily here:
Can you make a logo for my clan its called ZinQ Clan
Hi my name is Jonathan I LOVE the logo but that's not why I am here I am here because I to have a clan and I was wondering if you or anyone who reads this and is a good artist could make a logo for me thanks. see info below and if you are interested email me at 

Name: Arm the Brave=AtB
Colors: Red,Black,White,Blue
something that is super cool just not to busy
Hey do you charge for emblem creation or would you be willing to make 1 for my clan??
Could someone design a logo for my band?
my contact:
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Great design! Check out!

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I love this :)
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Really nice.
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Simplistic yet effective
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Very good !!
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.... TEACH me...

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Witch program did you used?
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Adobe Photoshop, as described in the description ;)
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Good job. I like it.
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hyy.. cand someone help me with a logo ? for counter-strike source team :D. add me on messenger or on steam s3rginho0_s3
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nicely done man! im a designer and i specialize in logos as well, thing having trouble creating my own logo i would like something similar to this, think you can hook me up with a reasonable price being that i am also a graphic designer?
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Great logo design :)

carried in Cruzine: [link]
yea man this is sweet, it would be nice if you could make something like this for my clan :)

Team Chaos Theory
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