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Zero Clan Logo



I'm really happy with this one :)

comments - favs - critiques, all very welcome!

Logo and the "Zero" text below was all custom pen tooled in Photoshop :faint:

View the template this logo is used in here: [link]
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I really love the way this logo flows. Its organic curves and sharp points create an interesting dynamic that just works. It's also not hard to imagine how well this logo might work in a single color application, such as a fax letterhead or embroidered materials.

In full color, it's got a "web2.0" appeal with the shiny, lighting effect. Nothing wrong with this, except to say that it's a little played out. But depending on what the client asked for, or what business sector they are in, it could also be completely appropriate. The only problem is this: Will something that looks web2.0 still look cool, modern, and current in 10 years? Maybe. Maybe not... I guess we'll see!

There is one thing I think could use a bit of work in order to improve this logo.I find that if you scale the logo down, the far corners of the "Z" seem to blend in to the swooshy thing. This could be corrected by making that empty space at a 45 degree angle slightly wider at both ends.

Overall, its a really neat logo that's fun to look at, and currently works pretty well in a web2.0 environment.