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Metal Mesh Patterns - Pack 1

By Axertion
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:bulletred: [UPDATE - APRIL 2011] :bulletred:

Due to popular demand I have updated this pattern package with the complete set of flattened, tileable PNG images. You can use these with various programs such as GIMP, or even embed them in your websites for background use!

Here is a highly requested set of patterns. Now you can't say you don't have any good metal mesh patterns :giggle:

I use these in my interfaces ect. I made them using Photoshop, some images and a few styles. All styles tile together seamlessly :)

Enjoy, and don't hurt yourself :ohnoes:

-14 patterns total!


You may use this package under the terms that you do not claim as your
own, resdistribute, repack or reupload anywhere else!

I will allow this pack to be use for any project including commercial &
private work.

Please :+fav: if you download or use, and I'll make more packs.
Over 100 +favs. Thanks guys :)
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dollerikeNew Deviant


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Lattoo8New Deviant

Thank you very much for sharing.

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kentgigiNew Deviant

Thank you very much! It is a great work and you have a great hearth to share it with us! Thank you again!

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Long time since I have used PS great to see this site is still as good, sorry better tks

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thank you for your great Job!!!

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thank you mate :clap:

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Muchas gracias, esfuerzo bien logrado, excelentes modales de amabilidad. Felicidades.

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Thank you for taking the extra time to share these patterns. They are so very well done! I am new to the graphic arts. I dabble, as do so many people, but I don't know what I am doing. A short while ago, my daughter started to show a real interest and talent for art in general. Now, she's getting hardcore into so many digital art forms, about which I have no clue. I am a Twitch streamer. I create some of my own graphics, and commission the stuff that needs real skill and talent. I am small-time, but I really enjoy making something that people don't see in every other channel. Now, I want to be able to talk to my daughter about her budding passion. Also, I would like to do some fun, different, and entertaining things, so I started talking about getting some real tools to make a real effort to start learning how to do some graphics, overlays, animations, effects, and so forth. Then, a wonderful member of our viewer community donated a year subscription to the Adobe apps! So now, I *really* feel it's time to start learning by doing. This has given me something new to have in common with my daughter, as I am learning how to draw my way out of a wet paper bag. I keep coming across individuals, such as yourself, who not only create amazing works, but share them for others to use and enjoy. I don't make money off my content. Everything that comes into the channel either pays for free stuff for the community, or goes into various production and operating costs. Maybe one day, that will change, and it could help support my family, but not today. I imagine someone who does work of a certain caliber, as you do, likely has a career that uses a related skillset. So, the fact that you are sharing this with the community is really great, and I just wanted to take the time to thank you, properly, for doing what you are doing! Thank you!

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Thank you so much  .. very nice 
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tişikkürler supermen

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deviantART-dogHobbyist General Artist
Thanks! You have great artwork! Thanks for creating them and uploading them to DeviantArt!
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thanks  man 
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Thank you man.
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QueenCordite Digital Artist
I used these here  Fuel by QueenCordite  Thanks for providing!
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Thank you, great work. Link
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