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GameTheory Logo

Logo for GameTheory, a gaming organization.

Thanks for any feedback :)
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Wonderful work,
You can also find Free PSD Logo Templates renewed daily here:
I need a logo for my team email is  msg for details willin to work out price if necessary
i love when the ppl Copy the logos from the company's [link]
and i have the proof with PSD and all the layers.
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Are you implying that I stole the logo? Because if you are, I have the original sketch concepts, emails involving this project and the layered files. My uploaded work also predates all other instances of this logo.

The logo is also GT, yet the website you posted is "Electronik Generation" or EG.
Excellent work.
favor sir? i want a logo for our gaming team. our team name is Team AC. thank you sir.
i hope you will approve this. thank you sir
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love it
verry professional
good luck
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Hi can you do me a favor i m looking for a logo for my website
i need a logo can you please design one for me
the name is skeNYX can u please design a logo for this name or just SX
i will be very grateful to you.
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Great logo design :)

carried in Cruzine: [link]
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can you make me a logo? i pay in points :$
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Your work have been featured in my blog [link] .
Please take a look to see all the other fantastic artists that were features along with you.
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Thanks so much, its an honor :D
love this, you forgot the 'rizy' though :D
nice work! what programs did u use?
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all Photoshop ;)
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Very cool , what font is that
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I love this look of glass/gloss, nice design as well
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I love your gloss technique!
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You truly are the guru of logo design Axe :)
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