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Published: December 16, 2008
Here's a new one from me :)

Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS4
Time: several hours, split amongst many days

I thought it would be cool to save a progress pic of each state. So be sure to check out the entire slideshow here: [link]

It will show you from start to finish, the states of making this theme :). Also with captions on what each state means. Enjoy

UPDATED - New Header Text (I hope thats detailed enough) :giggle:

UPDATED January 17th - added some highlights to the base
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Hes a fucking ripper proof -> [link] Reak creator is Tom Christian
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AxertionProfessional Interface Designer
I'm replying to this 40 weeks later.

I made this skin for SkinGround. Do better research next time >.<
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*cough* Maybe you should read next time. lol I already figured that out. Over 40 weeks ago. FAIL!!!
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H3LLB0uNDProfessional Interface Designer
Go back to the reject shop dumbass. Don't be so quick to accuse people of ripping next time.

If anything Tom Christian is the ripper here for putting something up on his site made by someone else and pretending he made it.
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H3LLB0uNDProfessional Interface Designer
Tom can't even admit someone else designed it, that's basically intentional deception / fraud :

"I've never heard of Effectica so no, he was not the inspiration behind this :)
This style was incorporated into many of my gaming themes back when I ran a skinning site called "Skinground".
Check some of the other designs here"

Sorry for going on about this, but I can't stand seeing people who like to take credit for someone else's hard work.
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Nvm turns out hes the rel axe from skinground so carry on :)
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Is this a skin?. Cause i would love to have one. lmao
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astargo Interface Designer
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X0oAurao0XProfessional Interface Designer
I just love ur work ;$ did u learn to draw fantasy interface all by yourself, or does it exist a few tutorials on how to create fanatsy interface?x) can't find any-.-'
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AxertionProfessional Interface Designer
Just practice over time.

There are tons of good tutorials. A good starting point would be to check out the 2 part tutorial by Tim Silva on the Tutsplus website. You can find that here: [link]
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Great job Axe,

its time for a nice tutorial from this kind of designs.
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Truly amazing design mate, great job ;)
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Hi, I would like to know how you made this design? You already gave me two links to a previous design (Designing realistic interfaces). I was wondering whether the principles the same thing? I'm still practicing making an interface; it's hard getting the shadings right T.T

Thank you
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AxertionProfessional Interface Designer
I just takes practice and determination. Just remember that dark and light combined makes up 3D elements. Using each proportionately will get you the results you are looking for ;)
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Tu est tout simplement trop fort :)
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heamerHobbyist General Artist

Bonjours, I am a graphic designer and I would like to know if I can reproduce this Web-design for my site? I would copy nothing but I would redo him totally alone. Thank you !

sorry for ma bad english )


Bonjours, je suis un graphiste et j'aimerais savoir si je peux reproduire ce web-design pour mon site ? Je ne copierais rien dessus mais je le referais totalement tout seul. Merci !
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tennesyHobbyist Digital Artist
this rocks!!!
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32-D3519NProfessional Interface Designer
wow great design :)
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oh yeah here's your award. :iconthumbsupplz:
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damn this is dope but the tut seems to be kinda vague but then again it depends on whatever shape you want to create for it so hopefully when i get the chance i'll create some DOPE-ASS templates using this tutorial. thanx a bunch. this totally gets my patented "thumbz up" award! i don't need to be a member of [link] to learn the tutorials right? when i saw it last year it was free, what this about donations or paying to join the site?
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it's too addictive! I want it or wish I could make something like that.
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