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A quick 3D logo I made for

I made this mainly for learning purposes. You can find the full length, uncut Video tutorial showing the progress of this logo from the shape to the final text addition.


Tools: Photoshop CS3
Time: 1h
Tutorial runtime: 68 minutes 8 Seconds
Logo text by *krazytim
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This is virtually an unedited template from "Aurora 3D Text and Logo maker".  Are you the original creator of this image?
It's a template from Aurora 3D Text and Logo Maker.   
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link dont work
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Great work,
You can also find Free PSD Logo Templates renewed daily here:
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Please stop spamming your website URL everywhere.  You will only be flagged as spam.
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nice logo.. can you send me some tutorials kind of this artwork...:-)
Could someone design a logo for my band?
my contact:
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Base 3D and letters tutorial used in here [link] v2: [link] v3: [link]
AWESOME TUTORIAL!! your the best :P
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Cool, i kinda thought of internet Explorer as soon as i saw that logo.
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hey there, used your tut

check it out at:


Thanks for helping out
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Man this is awesome! I tried today but it seems I missed a few steps... :rofl: Check it out! [link]
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Amazing tutorial
: )
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amazing .... thanks bro :worship:
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Very inspiring! Love it!
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