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By Axertion
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Hey guys, I made this quickly in a college class today :P. I was bored, enjoy...

Tools: Photoshop CS3
Time: 50 Minutes

EDIT: I got home and saw a few errors. Since I made it on the college CRT monitor, it looked like crap on my LCD so I redid it and make the reflections proper ;)
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Absolutely awesome logo! 5 stars!
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50...50.....50 MINUTES!geez wow, that probably would have taking me years to do. I have to do a logo for my project, and i've been putting it off for about 2 weeks...

Anyways really cool picture.
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I am using this on my Coby Kyros internet tablet. It looks so awesome. You did a really good job.
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i love the rendering..though jtseng is correct about the perspective..but all in i like it..
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Cool, nice.
I do real 3D, though
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the perpective of the logo isn't correct. The bottom lines dont reach each other somewhere. In fact it separates and that means it has no horizon.

hope this wil help
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I realize that. I made this several years ago while in class so its very rough. Thanks though :)
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this is sick mate :)
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Hey very amazing !
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I wish I could do things like this when I'm bored...
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May I please use this as my icon? It's my fave DA logo ^_^
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Thanks, much appreciated. Great work BTW. :D
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Great deviation :)

PS...visit my gallery :)
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Just played around with it and I think it looks a bit better now. it's the best I could do without the source. Axertion id its ok with could I put the revised version on my profile?? you can see what it looks like here, [link] Ill keep it online for a week.
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I love it, all but the perspective is a bit unusual.
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ye, quite cool ;)

I would reelee know, how you did it :)
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its so trasnparent and shiny...
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haha, thank you :)
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