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AVsolutions Logotype

Logo for a small business catering to home entertainment installations.

The idea in the logo is a AV shape combined together in a fluid form. If you look at it, you should recognize the A and V shape ;)

Client was happy with the result.
<s>I might post a 3D version of this one later ;)</s>

Check out the 3D version Here!:[link]
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looks like sony ericsson
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Took me a while to see the A and V inside the logo but, I saw it and I have to say that's pretty sly. I like the mirror effect that's also pretty cool too.. adds more depth and attracting the viewers eye. :meow:
Thanks very nice design
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just a short question..what program did you use for the orb?
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Adobe Photoshop for everything :) Thanks :D
SEspider's avatar
Excellent work as always.
Be careful though. It does look a LOT like a N.
wow, i want to learn how to do that

great job
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Great work, love it !
G-Units's avatar
I want to learn how to do that :D
m-a-x-r's avatar
Nice. I like it very much.
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Great work axe.....great work
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Nice Concept my friend :thumbsup:
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Thank you sir :)
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Its my pleasure sir :)
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looks very nice!!
SmarTramS's avatar
That symbol is off the hook bro! Great job!
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very nice work man, but i think the text is alittle too pixelated.
Axertion's avatar
bah, whats a little pixelation do but spice things up a bit :dance:
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Nice axe very very well made logo.. simple and creative
Axertion's avatar
thats what I was aiming for :#1:
theCasualties's avatar
Definitely nailed it right on the head :)
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