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These terms of usage are out of date and are displayed below only as an archive.

<a href="…"  style="font-size: 16px;">Please see the new terms here

October 4th 2010: Clarified terms more in the "Off DeviantART" section.

October 26th 2009: Clarified the issue of using brushes in contests

March 9th 2009: I've addressed the issue of using brushes for art exchanged for virtual money. Created a new section "About Licenses". Changed the "Selling of multiple items" terms. Updated some other questions and changed some other minor stuff.

October 11th 2008: More and more i've been asked to have brushes used on items that will be sold such as T-Shirts. I've updated the rules accordingly.

July 22nd 2008: Added some more questions at the bottom.

As of June 13th, 2008, these rules that follow will replace any that were produced before this date.

If on any of the rules you are not sure, please play it safe and contact me via my email listed on my devART page or via a note.


DeviantART Usage
Using my brushes here on deviantART is different than on other sites, because it is the same site I host my brushes on!

Q: Why do you want credit for stuff i use your brushes in?
A: Well first, it just makes me feel all warm and cozy inside that you took the time to credit me! Second, crediting me helps spread the word of my brushes, making the tools available to a wider audience!

Q: Do i need to credit your brushes on my artwork here at DeviantART?
A: No, unless you want to of course :)

Q: What if i want to use your brushes in a print here on DeviantART?
A: In that case, yes. Since you are in the position where you could make a profit then i would appreciate credit :)

Off DeviantART

Q: If i design something for myself that i do not stand to make a profit from (Like a t-shirt that i make for myself, or a print that i buy for myself), do i have to give you credit?
A: No. Anything you design for your own personal usage does not require credit. This does not include something like a website design for yourself. Scroll down further for that question.

Q: If i design something that will be exchanged / traded for money, do i have to give you credit?
A: Yes.

Q: I am designing something, and am trading it for virtual items for an online game / forum / website. These items cannot be exchanged for real cash or purchase real items. Do i still have to give you credit?
A: No, of course not. If you are using my brushes to make things that give you virtual money that cannot be exchanged for REAL items (like computers, gift cards, etc.) or REAL currency (dollars, pounds, yen, etc.) then you do not have to give credit.

Q: Can i use your brushes for websites? Do i need to give credit?
A: Yes you may use them for making websites, and yes it would be much appreciated if you gave credit.

If your web design will generate any sort of profit or revenue/ and or the website you are designing it for will generate profit, then it is REQUIRED that you give credit (or read further to see your other options).

Q: Can i redistribute your brushes on other sites? Do i have to give credit?
A: Creative Commons says you may redistribute your heart out, and i do not require credit. However, if credit is given it must be to me.

Q: What if i do not want to give credit/ can't give credit?
A: If you do not wish to attribute credit, then you must purchase a "license" (Or basically, my permission) to use them without any credit what-so-ever.

The license is $15 USD, and the license applies to the brush set you used. One license covers only one brush set.

Payments accepted are Paypal (ask for my paypal address), or cash by mail. If you are sending cash by mail, please note me and i will get back to you with the address you can mail it to. The license takes effect immediately based on the good faith you have sent it by mail, however if payment is not received within 30 days the license will be cancelled.

The license length is indefinate.

About Licenses

Q: What is a license exactly?
A: A license is, basically, a contract between you and me which determines what you may and may not use the brushes for. This license is exclusive to whomever the purchaser(s) is.

In MOST cases the license is 15 dollars per set, however fifteen is not the limit.

Q: What if someone is using your brushes for profit without a license?
A: If any activity of this type is discovered, legal action will be taken. I would greatly appreciate anybody who notified me of these things too :)

Q: Would it still be a normal license if i wanted to use your brushes on multiple items that will be sold such as t-shirts?
A: Then a different kind of license is required. Contact me and we can work out some sort of deal.


Q: I want to enter a contest, but my entry uses your brushes in them. Can I still enter?
A: Since using brushes in a contest can help you win, you may do this if the prize is split between me and whoever is entering. The split will never be bigger than 50 / 50.

If the prize cannot be split evenly or cannot be split at all, then, unfortunately, I cannot approve the use of my brushes in the contest at all.


Q: I want to show you my beautiful work! What should i do?
A: Just post it on my userpage or note me and i'll take a look! I'll also try to comment and possibly fav :)

Q: I don't see my question on here, what should i do??
A: Well you could either play it safe, or contact me. I'd be happy to answer any of your questions.


IF IN DOUBT . . .  

- Note me!
- Display credit on any and all objects/things/designs/etc. which contain my brushes.

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Hey! My nieces are in a dance troop and theyre looking for a new logo, that i'm going to design! I really like your dimension brushes and I was wondering if I could use them? Im not making any money, its a small local dance group in Cali called Cielo Rojo. They may print the design on shirts for the kids and flyers and what not. Anyways, let me know! Please and thanks!