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Well hi to all the people who just started photoshop!

Many people who just start looking at siggs and like wow like how do they get those nice grunge contours in there images or abstract styles. It's not hard! it's called brushes. Many people who are very skilled with diffrent programs or with photoshop create brushes for everyone!

Now search for a brush you like here on DeviantART.

1st method.

Click on a picture and look to the left there is a link download click it. Start the download sometimes these brushes are in .rar if you dont have winrar download it here. After you have installed read on.

Now you open the file once you have downloaded it (i'll use the standard install folder by psp).
Go to extract file at the top of winrar find the folder: C:Program FilesAdobePhotoshop CSPresetsBrushes and unrar the .abr file there and your brush is in your folder for use!

2nd method.

If you have a direct file like mybrush.abr just save it at C:Program FilesAdobePhotoshop CSPresetsBrushes. The main thing is you just place it in that folder. Ofcourse if your path is diffrent like C:Photoshop...... you know just place them in your installation dir.

Now before you can use the brushes you just downloaded, start up photoshop! You have to add it in to your photoshop brushes.

First select your brush from the tool menu as in the image.

Next go to the top and slide out the arrow then click on load brushes.

Then go to the folder where the brushes are so (the basic dir) C:Program FilesAdobePhotoshop CSPresetsBrushes.

Now your brush is loaded and you can select it from the window where we used to arrow just scroll down and it's there.


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Where i download it ?
Where i download it ?
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Great Brushes, will post soon when I try them out :)
where is the download link?
como coño se baja?
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I've never downloaded brushes before...I have Photoshop CS4 for my PC. I downloaded your brushes but when I go to extract them from Winrar, I get an error saying that the system cannot find the specified path, and it won't extract. Any kind of help you could give me? Thanks.
Axeraider70's avatar
Ah I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong :(
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This helped me out, thanks a bunch! ^ ^
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I'm not managing to install brushes. It's the firt time I try though. Vista, extract files to photoshop brushes folder, then vista only extracts the two blank 0 byte folders and not the actual files for it says that the name is already used. I tried to change the name of the files but it won't let me.
I can't seem to figure out how to extract only the files I need, only the "extract all" button.
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Umm, i'm not sure, have you tried re-downloading them?
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Hey, your brushes are absolutely amazing, but do you happen to have anything for PSP? I'm afraid that's my only program and I would kill to use your brushes...
Axeraider70's avatar
hm, well you could try looking around for an image pack and 'convert' them that way :(
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Ah, too bad. Nice job anyway though!
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Lol. "Mac users don't need guides..."

I'm a WinXP user, yet in the 8th grade- before I even had anything but MSpaint, I had to go from computer to computer throughout the entire school- that's over about 120 Macs total- and install the stupid Flash plugin so the apps would work. The IT guy couldn't even figure out how to get through his own proxy firewalls to get to the site.

Lol, I'm just razzing you... I'd still get, say, an AirBook in a heartbeat.

Oh, and all of your brushes are fuggin wicked as hell. I have a personal affinity to your Genesis set, to be honest lol
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I totlly feel you! This dude at our school did this simple hack so that Wii handles could work with a projector and now everyone thinks he's GOD!!! I mean come on I could do that!
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Although I already know how to make my own brushes and use your's, this is a darn cool instruction guide for those who are unexperienced in the graceful flowing ways of teh almighty photoshop mcbrusheries :D
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is your stuff use-able in photoshop 7.0?
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[link] has ps7 versions of brushes. I'm also going to revive this guide since it's not very intense.
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what about Stuffit expander for macs? they're computers too!
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if you're using a mac, you probably won't need a guide ;)
Kip0130's avatar
yah cuz mac people dont need brushes too :P
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