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Zone Brushes

The title is inspired by the game Zone of Enders. (I've never actually played that game before) But i thought the title was very exciting and mysterious.

I hope they satistfy!

:star: Terms of Usage :star: How to Download and Use Brushes :star:
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I have used your brushes on my channel ( and have placed you in the credits with a link to your DeviantArt page :) Thanks a lot.
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Hey Zone!

Used your brush for a rough draft of a flyer. Not sure if you're brush is free for commercial use.

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Thank you Hug  Used your brush here -
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ur terms of use it broken fyi
y como llego a esos tonos?
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used here, thank u :) : [link]
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How do you make these?
Thats some serious paintjob bro!
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These brushes are sweet! I'm actually designing a business card and I'd really like to use these, I hope that's cool!
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Used here [link] ,thanks for your wonderful artwork that helped me complete mines.
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your brush sets are truly my most used brushes on photoshop graphics that i make. thank you so much, <3
blessed be.
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many thanks!
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nice work ^^
you have lots of good works on the brushes
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Can i please have permission to post your brush pack in with a link back to your DA?
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great work,very nice brushes thanks
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Speaking of ZOE, what do you call those funky "electro pulse" veins on Jehuty's body?
thxxxx i love urs Brushh
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Thanks for the brushes.
Used here: [link]
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[link] hey! i used ur brushes there! ive got a question tho... cuz id be using it on for my brothers signature in the forums. would that be ok? i didnt see it in the terms of use..i just want to make sure if its ok to use for another site or not. thnxx!
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