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Solace Brushes

More of a texture-y set. Give some nice flavor to your art.

I've been pumping out sets like mad this month! Might take a break for a while... Or not..?


:star: Terms of Usage :star: How to Download and Use Brushes :star:
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Hey it´s me again...
I used your brush - this time it true ;)

Thanx a lot
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i can't see where you used them in there, but i'll take your word for it? haha. looks cool.
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Awesome, Thank u! =)
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Can i ask u a question how do u make brushes in the first place?
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hahaha, well first you need photoshop. then you need some inspiration. after that the rest is kinda just... all up to you ^^ lol. I'd suggest getting a Wacom tablet, though, it makes life easier.
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and also, can u make a logo for my deviant art (Marobisoft) vist my website for wat i am all about. [link]
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thx, i have photoshop CS4 extened. now all i need to know how do u make it.
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Nice job.... I love this brush.... ITS ASWOME!!!!
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will try this one..thanks
soSR's avatar
good work!! I LOVET!! :D
MahdyDesigns's avatar
i will try it thanx :) :)
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take a break.. or a redbull.. :D
saffiremoon21's avatar
you're not allowed to take breaks.

waaaugh. Moar brushes. *nabs*
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That looks major sexy! XD Ideas always flowing in the head when you make new brush sets! :D Damn, take a break if you have to, you made so much!
Axeraider70's avatar
lol. o but i love doing it :O
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Fantastic. Thanks.
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I like these! Looks like you broke away from the smooth/abstract feel with these brushes. Very nice.
flina's avatar
Ha! No breaks PLEASE! I love your brushes! :D
Kamonegi's avatar
Nice! :D :D
theonlyXns's avatar
Break? There are no such things as breaks.
kabocha's avatar
ZOMG Axe. :3

Nice job~
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