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Serenity Brushes

These brushes are relatively huge. I was inspired after walking into the Apple store on Black Friday.

:star: Terms of Usage :star: How to Download and Use Brushes :star:
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Used some brushes of the set here, thaanks so much ^^

Water Djinn by Rysengar
Love this...Thank you!
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This is awesome, another one for my collection.
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Very Nice! I am adding to my holster of brushes  :)
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Gracias xD Soy chilenooo!
Just downloaded these brushes ! they look cool
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Hey there! Your Brushes have been featured here:

Congrats and good luck!
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here's the correct linking:
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Dat file size...

Also, great brushes!
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awesome! great!
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I feel sorta sad that I haven't found these brushes sooner :)

and also... lol at the file size xD
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Beautiful brushes, love it :)
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un peu low-res mais bien qd meme
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MAKE TITORIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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