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Raging Dawn Brushes

Raging Dawn
The last brush set in Series 4. Inspired by a bunch of nuclear explosions and stuff i've been watching on YouTube. ^^

:star: Terms of Usage :star: How to Download and Use Brushes :star:
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Have a look at what this rascal [link] did with your brushes. :/
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So talented, wish i could create something like this! Your brushes are awesome! Now, about trying to figure out how you did that:above: :eyepopping:
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One of these days I'll write some sort of tutorial XD
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Ohhk coolies, lol i was thinking about asking whether you could do like vids :P
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that's the most likely actually. haha. i'll still have to write down what i want to say though
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Oh awesome! Haha, good luck :P i usually just go through without a script and just explain how it's done :) might be a different situation with you though :P
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good work ^^
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Thanks for the great brush set! the brushes are so useful for so many different things :D

I made a wallpaper using some of your brushes, and have credited you for it :) the wallpaper I made is here [link]

-oh, and what is the font used in your Raging Dawn preview image? thanks!
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Ummm- im sorry i don't remember ^^;; lol.
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oh, okay ^^ I was just wondering :) thanks for responding so quickly too.

please keep up the great work!
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XD Pretty neat stuff you got there!
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Well done bro! Always lookin 4ward 2 ur brushes :D
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thanks for sharing ^^
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Hooo, looks like a spicy set here! Time to figure out a way to use these now! :D

Props on the new set and all your previous stuffs! No Joke and No Lie!!!
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