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Phobia Brushes

Oh it's been a long time since the last set. I hope this makes up for it :)

These are the first brushes of Series 4. High five!

:star: Terms of Usage :star: How to Download and Use Brushes :star:
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Fantastic work using brushes..You good on it Axeraider70 
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Thanks for the brush :)
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simply awesome <3
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Thanks for the brush!
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suberb! thanks for these
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Hey, i downloaded these a LOOOOONG time ago, and forgot who made them and then used them in some wallpapers I made, a few of which are uploaded on my account. I'll credit you now, since I found you.
And really awesome brushes btw =D
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These brushes are awesome!

Used them here: [link]
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You first make the background layer black and than put the brushes on in the color white. Than you duplicate the layer and add a Gaussian Blur and made it 5% and make that layer 50% opacity. Than make a new layer and use the gradient tool and put that down and than in layer effects for that layer make it color. Hope that helped. :D
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But the background isn't supposed to be black.
I said i want it in my book,which is like,yellow?
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A black background equals the best result.
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Once again,if i had a black book it would be impossible to read.
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Well there are probably other ways to do it with different colors but I haven't tried any other colors yet.
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High five!

keep rockin
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Awesome brushes, very good to use.
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definately my favorite.
your amazing. ^-^
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nice.....thanks.. ;)
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Rare, ideal brushes :+fav: :)

You can find your pack on BRUSHIAC here: [link]
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Nice website dude, thanks for the postage.
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Pretty... :drool: I gadda get me some of those! :D
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Thank god again new brushes from tha master
i am spreading the link with all my friends that have photoshop your great man go on with the great work
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