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Bruce is indeed absolutely adorable! Definitely have him go through hardcore training with Mason. He needs to go through the steps and ...

Definitely increase his detail a little bit more. Make his Gundalian features slightly more obvious but not so obvious that we can we s...

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Family Night Hijinks
Okay so this is a oneshot of Mokuba and Seto. I apologize if Seto is OOC. But this is for humor and laughs.
I don't own Seto or Mokuba but I do own the story I'm writing.
Seto's PoV
I was in the middle of looking for my younger brother who was currently hiding Ra knows where. We were playing a bit of a prank war on each other. It was my turn to pull a prank on him, so I pulled a hell of a good one. As Mokuba came down the hallway, tiptoeing closer to the spot I was hiding, I sat quietly in the closet and just as he was about to notice me, I jumped him from behind and pounced onto him grabbing him and throwing a pillow at him. "PILLOW FIGHT!" Mokuba shouted as I launched the pillow at him.
I smirked knowing it was SO on! "You asked for it Mokuba!" I retorted as I launched the pillow at him as he launched his own pillow at me. It had been 5 years ago since we had last had a pillow fight and boy did feathers fly out from the pillow! This accidentally attracted the maids' attention and I w
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Well... Folks, this is a bit embarrassing. Apparently, Episode 246 English Dubbed of Naruto Shippuden was supposed to air on June 7th, however, it got postponed until June 15 for some bizarre reason or another. Either way, on Adult Swim and the network that aired the episode 246, on their behalves, I do apologize for the delay. Without further ado, you can currently find the show's episode on WatchCartoonOnline, free and unrestricted. You can also find Episode 365 English Subbed on the website too. Luckily, it finally aired. But hey, better late than never, is that not the case?


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Yuri Leon Vénome
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I am a talented artist but more so a writer. I write numerous short stories and have written some and will continue to write more. I love Pokémon but even more so, Digimon and I am a shipper of many pairings, including Comashipping and I am a huge Daiken fan while not so much a Kenyako fan, Taito, Taiora, (Sorato is tolerable but I dislike it somewhat), Yamakeru (Yes, I SHIP those two as lovers. If you have a problem with THAT pairing then do me a favor and look at all the Itasasu work or Koukou work on DeviantArt and See how many people complain and whine their butts off about it there. Like I give a damn what anyone thinks.), I'm also a huge fan of Takouji, Tomato (Touma x Masaru), I'm also a fan of many other Yaoi and Yuri pairings ie, Cody x TK (Digimon), Kari x Yolei (Digimon 02), Somi (Sora x Mimi Digimon), Jyoushiro (Joe x Izzy) Yamaken (Yamato x Ken). Be aware that I will be heavily shipping Mukeni (Mummymon x Arukenimon). I also have an OC named Yamawa Ishida (Madison Ishida in the Dub) and she is Matt's twin brother. In my universe Yamato is only a nickname and his real name is Matthew, because Matthew just seems more suited since his mother's name in the dub is Nancy so I picked Matthew as an alternate subtitled name, because Yamato didn't feel right and be aware this is my fansub. Yamato is older than Yamawa by three seconds and has TWO Digimon Partners who can bear the powers of Unity and Charity. She is also Ken's girlfriend in place of Yolei who gets expelled for being too mean to Davis and Yamawa takes her place. She helps Ken by taming Kimeramon and unlocks the powers of not one, not two, but three Digieggs and three Crests! She unlocks the powers of Jizenmon and Kessokumon, who were formed by using a process called DNA Armor Digivolution. Or Jogress Armor Evolution in the original Dub. Her partners are a Guilmon and an Impmon who hold the powers of Kessokumon and Jizenmon. The Warrior of Unity has the following attacks, Unity Strike, Slashing Claw, and Slashing Strike. Jizenmon, the Paladin of Charity has the powers of Charity using attacks like Helping Hand and Hearty Helping, and is more of a support Digimon and is used for healing and helping feed hungry Digimon. Ken and Yamawa became known as the Digimon Prince and Digimon Princess later becoming the Digimon King and the Digimon Queen after marrying and having three daughter, Yukari, Mizore, and Zakuro. They also had one son a boy named Yusei. Yamawa is voiced Nana Mizuki in Japanese and Colleen Clinkenbeard in English. She is a Japanese Idol in AKB48, and thus, Nana Mizuki provides her singing voice in Japanese and Miley Cyrus provides her singing voice in English. She has two image songs, one in Japanese and one in English. The first one is called 山の調和, (Yama No Chowa) and it means Harmony of the Mountains. Her second theme, her English image song, is called Metamorphosis and tells the tale of her and Ken.

Lyrics to come soon.


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