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Tom the rock. Or... Diamond?

*** Sorry about the update notification everypony, that was an accident!

It's a DIAMOND! It's a ROCK! No! It's... TOM! (Also, Tom is best Rock! :))

Edit: Removed Shadow from .png, added link to .svg.

- This file is located in my scrapbook. Be sure to check it!

- Used here: [link].
(*NEW*) .SVG file available here: [link] (created with Microsoft Visio, because I can).

Tom/MLP © Hasbro
Vectors by ~AxemGR.
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Maud's Boulder has a friend. ^-^
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Hi! I'm using your rock in a game we're developing :3 We'll credit you of course :D Nice rock by the ways!! :D
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Just to let you know, I plan on using this vector in an image I have planned, if that's cool.
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Used in my podcast: [link]
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Used and credited here [link]
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Thanks for the vector :-D Had an idea today an needed to be the first one on it lol
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its just a rock but its so awesome i wunt one
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Well, if you've been nice this year, you can always ask Santa~! ;)
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can I use this for a project? I will give you the credit!
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Yes that's no problem :).

Please note that after this weekend I will change this picture to one without shadow and I will also add a .svg file (due to another request).
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I used your vector in my project, thanks! :: [link]
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Ow wow that is really cool!
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I wish Tom was in more episodes
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I agree. Even a quick background role would do! ;)
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I used it in my comic (the outline mostly) [link]
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Haha nice. And thanks for giving credit! ;)
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