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The truth about Luna's hair

By AxemGR
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***Final Note:: Ok many people mentioned that the mirror could be better or rather "what mirror", so there ya go. Now I didn't mirror her necklace and horn for nothing. I also found ALOT of layer errors which meant my black sketch lines were showing. Also, ~Polaris118 told me my French was a little off and helped me get it right! Special thanks to him, and of course everyone else that helped with suggestions! (The old file is moved to here: [link])

**New note: I wasn't 'on' dA for a few days and I get back to finding this deviation being my most populair one ever! I was for a moment truly, at a loss of words. So thank you very much everypony for all the views, favs, the +watches the feature on EQD and everything else! I shall now begin the task of reading and answering all these comments! :D

*Note: A rush job but, YES! I Finished it before the Luna episode aired! Booyah! Now to get some shuteye and later watch the new episode, yay!.


Most of you have by now seen the leaked Luna screencap, in which something has obviously changed. Maybe to make her look more like her sister, maybe she has aged (or like Lauren explained it, recovered her Magic) or maybe this is just what she looks like during the night...
And those explanations are nice and all, but THIS is the truth! THIS is how it happend! I have spoken!!! (~Did I mention I didn't sleep last night?)

Yes. The truth about her new hair. Don't you believe anything else! ;););)

Luna, Celestia/MLP © *fyre-flye/Hasbro
Vectors by: *AxemGR.
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Unfunny and retarded
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You must be very fun at parties

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SecretLaserHobbyist Photographer
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luna i never asked for this
celestia but your fan do
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Troops21Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What happens if a male uses that conditioner?
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HimegimiUsagiHobbyist Artisan Crafter
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Trollestia strikes again!
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I think I like your explanation better than any of those others!
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accident or not, luna's mane looks much better this way
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PichuGamersStudent Digital Artist
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That Explains, everything.
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BoogalooCMHobbyist General Artist
LOL infinity 
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inspiredbynewyorkHobbyist Digital Artist
aaccualy her hair turned like this cause she got older and its better like tht
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not because she's older, because she got her good powers back.
and by the way this is just a headcanon, not necessarily true
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:lol: Lol... I should like totally reference this! :D
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LOL, that makes total sense.
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kiarafan2Hobbyist Writer
Trollestia strikes again XD
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Hah, I really like what you did here with this comic!
En een geweldige uitleg. ;)
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That makes more sense than most ideas I've seen. xD
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AturoHobbyist Digital Artist
lololololol :D
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Ah, so that's how it happened! :giggle:
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