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'The Tortoise and the Hare'


"May the best pet win?!"

I know, Angel is a bunny and not a hare :) but 'the flying Tortoise and the Bunny' sounded odd. Or maybe even, the Tank and the Angel. Which would make me think of a post-apocalyptic religious war story...

I planned this right after 'may the best pet win', to be a full comic, but eventually I abandoned that project. So now it is just one panel. Got some good new techniques to use, so it was mostly to practise proportions and new stuff. Made most of this today while taking a break from building a 0-D water model (officially a 1-D model). But we are using such an awkward program that it makes the Microsoft Excel built 2-D river basin model from last year look like a joke... Also, why would they make a model based on green and blue toned colour coded symbols? *facehoof*. Such frustrations!

So in short, made this during a well-earned intermission from studying, and I'm sure you'll all get the reference. Separate vectors later in my scrapbook as per usual. Hope you enjoy!

Also, I've grown up by reading alot of (illustrated) children's books when I was young, and I believe the new generation of ponies would do great in an illustrated series of books for children (and older fans maybe, lol). Might do more of these, consider it a teaser.

C. (sleep now, replies later! ;))

Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Tank the Tortoise and Angel Bunny © *fyre-flye/Hasbro
All vectors by *AxemGR.
Based on the fable by Aesop.
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Dashie, may I suggest a multistage compressor for Tank's engine? It worked wonders with the P-39.
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The Ultimate RAce, YEah!!!!!
AxemGR's avatar
It is the ultimate race, of ultimate destiny! ;)
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Everyone is allowed decide that for themselves ;)
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No... is a Tie >=3
AxemGR's avatar
Everybody wins! ;)
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Eeyup. It has Fluttershy. It is therefore by definition, cute. ;)
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I prefer the tortoise and the mare.
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That would have been a good title for the original episode (altho quite a giveaway on the ending...) :D
But, If I ever draw Tank racing RD, I'll put that title on it. ;)
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This is so cute! <3
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I blame Fluttershy for all this cutenes! :)
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Tank is totally gonna win. also you do great vector work.
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Maybe, or maybe not... ;) And thank you. :)
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Tank's gonna win.
The tortoise always wins.
Because Angel will be disobedient and refuse to cross the finish line for Fluttershy.. =P
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