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Pony warning label: Caution Pony Content

Pretty straightforward. This is for whenever dA or any other website decides everything pony should come with a warning label... I planned/used this as my ID for a while, but I'm saving it till they make this thing required by law :XD:

~U mad internets? :icondinkyawesomeplz:

Also, mosaic-ish? ('slightly' edited):
You can find the base file for that here: [link].

Yep it's abusable, for fans and non-fans alike. Edit at own risk? :) If anyone needs a smaller/bigger size, note me.

General Pony design © *fyre-flye/Hasbro
Vectors by *AxemGR.
:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :iconnoncommercial1plz::iconnoncommercial2plz:
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I used to use this as a reaction image, but it disappeared. Good thing it's easy to find.
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i was a hater..
now i love it.
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I happily use this on my college work.....cos fuck what everyone else thinks
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Going to use. Thank you for making this!
SuperPrincessArtist's avatar
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i might have to use this some time
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Finally someone who gets it. :salute:
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Such using on my Mac-Book.
I love puting this as my lock screen for my i's, (i's: iphone,ipad,ipod,etc)
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ponies .love them or leave them
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Nut-Kase-the-pony's avatar
Someone should put this on a T-shirt, that would so awesome.
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:) i love this thing
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This should be on SCP hehe
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