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Fleur de Lis

By AxemGR
"Who's a pretty Little Pony?"

Using this later, sharing it now. Partially traced (normal pony rules don't apply to Fleur). To me all outlines and fills look like one another, so I had to work by the numbers. RGB numbers that is. Last scrapbook spam for a while until the next actual deviation is ready. Cutiemark can be made available on request.

~Yes, there are Three highlights in her eyes. Watch the episode again if you don't believe me ;).

.SVG available: [link]

Vector by ~AxemGR.
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Just letting you know I used this here…
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Yes, Fleur. We all agree. You're a beautiful piece of work. You can stop primping your mane up... in your own good time. I'm enjoying this very much~!
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Mind you if I used it here: [link] . I can take it down if it's not okay.
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can I get the file? I want to make a base
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I'll have acces to the file after this weekend again, and shall upload it for you ;).
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I have uploaded the .svg file for you. Since it was part of an older project the outlines have been done with the line-tool, but I don't think that should cause problems. If you need another type of file (.pdf, .dwg or w/e) let me know.

File an be found in my stash: [link]
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no no this is perfect all I need to do now is strip it to the base and complete the base where needed
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and of course the best pony is married....
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Can I use this vector please ?
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Sure, as long as it's not for commercial purposes. :)
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Oh Fleur...why must you be such a beautiful model uni?
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>Cutiemark can be made available on request.
-Huh... isn't her cutie mark already findable on DA ? Pretty sure I saw it around, in vector.
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Most likely, and that's why I haven't uploaded it as a separete file yet. But even tho based on an existing design, they still come in different qualities, shapes and forms... So all I'm saying is that if someone is interested in the Cutie mark I used, it can be uploaded.
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Well, in fact... Here it is : [link]
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(I don't get notifications if you reply on yourself btw)

~And so it is. I knew it was around, which was why I haven't uploaded mine.
Mine would differ in having somewhat rounder shapes, and more importantly, consistent line weights. So mine is quite different. AND it also the reasons I would not have to credit anyone*, as I make all my vectors myself.

apart fomr the original designer, but proper credit will be given on the deviation I'm using this in.
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