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Derpy broke your background!

By AxemGR
:iconangryderpyplz::iconsaysplz:But it was an accident!

This file is in my scrapbook.

Used here: [link].
*New!* .SVG file available here: [link] (created with Microsoft Visio, because I can).

Vectors by ~AxemGR.
:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :iconnoncommercial1plz::iconnoncommercial2plz:
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oh no my background is mad of bedrock

guophcvmxehi's avatar
I don't know what went wrong
BrightSparkDev's avatar
It's better this way...
2wingo's avatar
*sigh* It's okay, Derpy. It needed to be fixed, anyway.
Tokiogirl21's avatar
Great! Now how am I going to fix this?
iReever's avatar
Used, thanks a ton! :)
SunriseMLP's avatar
Used in and credited. Thank you for this great piece ^_^
ZuTheSkunk's avatar
Do you think you could update the colours with the ones from our newest colour guide, please? :)
Ianbow's avatar
rangerkom's avatar
[link] used here. Thank you.
Dusk-Watch's avatar
Could you link the SVG file?
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Hmm, I am sorry to say this but it seems that this file is actually missing from my HD. I only have a few different resolution .png's in the folder, where there SHOULD also be a vector file.

I apologize for this, but I cannot provide the svg at this time without retracing it completely * :(. I'll be sure to update this deviation when I can provide a link to the svg.

* I may have some time to do this next weekend, or the weekend thereafter.
Dusk-Watch's avatar
Thanks. I'd like to do the ceiling poster thing also, but need the SVG to scale it that big.
AxemGR's avatar
Done and done. --> [link] (also in description)
AxemGR's avatar
:) You are in luck. I have some unexpected free time this evening, and shall be sure to have it up within the next 8 hours ( I need some time for other requests and food ;)).
Dusk-Watch's avatar
The world shall now be Derpy percent cooler. Thanks!
AxemGR's avatar
I will upload it after the weekend, I left my backup drive * at home. :)

* A drive that incidentally, is my sacred carrier of everything pony...
1APEEPA's avatar
I had to turn this into a massive poster for my ceiling. [link]
AxemGR's avatar
Haha cool! I wanted to do that myself too (a little smaller probably ;)), but never got around to print it, nice!
thealexrice's avatar
im gonna use this in a mlp irl pic i hope you dont mind, its perfect!
AxemGR's avatar
Go right ahead, I don't mind ;)
flygonmaster66's avatar
I am SO putting this on my desktop wallpaper.
Icanseestuffandstuff's avatar
Ceiling Derpy is watching you.
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