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I am a furry, deal with it!
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It's me... by AxelWolf04, literature

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It's me... by AxelWolf04, literature


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My Bio
I am just a rubber Victorian era gentleman wolf from England (Even though I am from the United States really. :P).

Please keep in mind that ALL of the art in my gallery that includes commissions AND requests are done by the many talented artists here on DeviantArt and those on FurAffinity. All the credit goes to the awesome artists that did these wonderful pics for me. I am NOT a artist so please people STOP asking me! The last time I ever drew anything seriously was in high school, ten years ago. Anyone who keeps badgering me about doing a pic for them WILL be blocked! Also, I do not deal with thieves that steal artwork from here and claiming the pic is theirs and/or the character is theirs. Me and the people who have made my pics WILL NOT deal with thieves so if you see any pic that was made for me that was altered in any way, please alert me or the artist that drew the pic originally ASAP!

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Within Temptation
Favourite Games
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Favourite Gaming Platform
XBOX 360
Other Interests
Victorian era gentlemen, clothes and mannerisms, werewolves
How long have you been on DeviantArt? July 26, 2007 What does your username mean? I am a furry. Axel was from Axel of the Kingdom Hearts series and Wolf is my love of all things wolves. Describe yourself in three words. Awkward. Determined. Smart. Are you left or right handed? Right What was your first deviation? I used this account to fave pics prior to this upload. What is your favourite type of art to create? Haven't drawn anything since high school in twelve years. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Any. What was your first favourite? http://a
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I have not mentioned this but this Friday I am moving again but only to the next street over. It is a WAY bigger house than where me and my roommates are at right now and the landlord is fucking amazing where he is willing to keep the electric bill in his name for a month or two until we can get ourselves settled in. But here is the problem. The backyard of the new house has something in the yard that has the parvovirus which if you have a dog two years or younger can be proven to be fatal if the dog manages to contract it (It does not help that we have the kitten as well and taking care of her and all of our dogs are under two years of age.)
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It seems from what I heard that a few stores in Canada and Italy has broken the Street Date (The date when the game is going to be released) and there has been multiple reports of multiple copies are out and about. And most likely there are going to be a lot of new hirings soon for those stores who broke the Street Date. So if you see any Pokemon X and Y screenshots this week and through next Friday, those screenshots are most likely now legit. That is the link that confirms X and Y has been released prematurely in Canada and Italy. It is unknown if any other country has broken the Str
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Happy Birthday, sir! :D
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, Axel! ;) :cake:
Happy Birthday!
Your artwork is amazing.
Happy Birthday!
You've got a pretty good gallery, by the way!