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TLIID 230. The X-Women meet Mr Spock

By AxelMedellin
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Girls and boys, this week at The Line it is Drawn, we pay our respects to Leonard Nimoy. And I still get choked up when I talk about his passing.

The suggestion read "The X-Women in TOS (The Original Series) style uniforms". I thought it would be more fun giving them outfits from select episodes. And adding the man himself, of course. Whom, as has been told elsewhere, was the pointy-eared reason a lot of female fans made the series' reruns thrive.

Should one of you movie-savvy gentlefolks feel the composition familiar, it's because it's based on Robert McGinnis' poster for You Only Live Twice. It seemed logical.

Full gallery here:


Have a nice weekend, folks.
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Cute predicament for Spock.
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Seeing all of the X-Ladies here is awesome, especially considering Star Trek and X-Men did cross over twice in two comic events, the first was to face off against Proteus who had taken over the body of Gary Mitchell and the second time was by accident with the Enterprise-E having made a failed attempt to return to their proper time after the Events of Star Trek First Contact, Their enemy that time was Kang the Conqueror who was attempting to manipulate the timestream to his favor as usual.
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I have a feeling Kirk wouldn't be thinking about anything but women at this point...
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Damn, Spock really is a chick-magnet.
Great work !!!
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Let's see just how much of a Trekker I am here

Rouge: Standard Fleet uniform from episode  "The Cage".........Psylocke: Standard Fleet uniform from episode "Mirror, Mirror"....Jean Grey: Standard Fleet uniform Engineering/Support Division from the Original Series....Storm: Lt. Palamas' dress from the episode "Who mourns for Adonis"....Emma Frost: standard female thrall gear from the episode "Gamesters of Triskelion"

But you stumped me on Mystique and Kitty. What episodes do they represent?

And to your comment on Mar 7, 2015.....It just goes to show what most of us know. Nimoy always had professionalism and class in whatever he did, and whoever he worked with. (And yes, I include his work in "Zombies of the Stratosphere" ....You have to start somewhere, after all)

Shatner....never did
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Spock = pimp. That is all.
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That would be logical...
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So sci-fi sexy. Fantastic work!
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You're welcome.
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This amuses me
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Spock, a true ladies man ;)
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The trick is not trying...
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But how can I pull it off well?
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Jean Grey as a redshirt.  LMAO!
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Actually, you are the only one who noticed!
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"Jean's dead..."

Well played, Axel.  Well played.
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